Robert Downey Jr. Almost Got Into a Fight in The Howard Stern Show Green Room

Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance in this week's Howard Stern Show in conversation with the SiriusXM animate on a variety of topics. They discussed Martin Scorsese's recent comments on the MCU, as well as Downey's refusal to press for an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Avengers: Endgame . But perhaps the most shocking revelation of any interview was made from the start, when RDJ admitted to Howard that he was close to a physical altercation in the green room a few moments before he is about to go on the air.

arrived? And who wanted to fight the national treasure Robert Downey Jr.? The story is full of humor and shows Downey's restraint during this last half of his long career. RDJ explained to Howard Stern that he had been through a rather tricky meeting in the green room of the series with an unidentified leader in Hollywood.

Moments before sitting down for his interview, Downey and his team watched the series from one end to the other. monitors. The industry executive entered the room, belittling the Oscar-nominated actor who stood in front of Sirius XM screens. Robert Downey Jr. explains exactly what happened.

"I was standing right there … standing in front of the TV screen when that little big-nebbish said," Off, "."

Robert Downey Jr. then explained to this Hollywood executive that with his small group, he was just watching the show to warm up before going on the show. The executive had not had it though, looking down at RDJ before asking, "Who are you fk?"

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Robert Downey Jr. went immediately to tell Howard Stern that he was considering immediately to do some exercise with the guy, saying that he was "going to have to turn it on." But the coldest heads prevailed, and he decided to just forget the meeting. He blamed the attitude of this guy on his "bigwig ego". He went on to say that executives of a "certain status" in Hollywood "are masters of their environment". He's been in the business long enough to know that this type of guy does not worry when it's impossible to control a given situation or the people involved in the process. about his role as an Iron Man in the Marvel film universe, and even contradicted some reflections that Martin Scorsese had recently shared on the state of comics and superhero movies . The legendary filmmaker does not consider them as "cinema". Although Downey welcomes Scorsese's thoughts and ideas on the subject, he does not necessarily agree with them. He compared Martin Scorsese's comments to the statement that Howard Stern was not a "radio," but pointed out how controversial Scorsese's statement could be misinformed. opinion. "I appreciate his opinion because I think it's like anything." We need all the perspectives to be able to focus and go forward. You can watch Stern's video showcasing some of RDJ's reflections on the subject directly from The Howard Stern Show.


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