Robert Forster Remembered by Breaking Bad & El Camino Co-Stars

Robert Forster is dead, his friends and colleagues pay tribute to him. He was 78 years old. The Jackie Brown and, most recently, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie The star died Friday at her home in Los Angeles . Forster had a brief battle with brain cancer. The actor has two other projects on the way, including Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories and . Forster gained cult status over the years and Quentin Tarantino helped bring it back to public consciousness in 1997 with Jackie Brown .

After working with Quentin Tarantino on Jackie Brown, Robert Forster's career began picking up on you. The actor soon found himself in high demand and took a job in the successful AMC series of Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad . Bryan Cranston took advantage of his time to celebrate Forster's life. He had this to say.

"An adorable man and an accomplished actor, I met him in the film Alligator 40 years ago, then again in BB.I did not never forgot how generous he was to a young boy who had just started in Hollywood. "

Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul also paid tribute to the actor on social media. "I am sorry to hear the news of the death of Robert Forster," Paul said in a message. "My God, I had the privilege of knowing this handsome man and working with him." Forster has been called a legend more than once in years and has left a lasting imprint on everyone with whom he has already worked.

The director of Guardians of the galaxy James Gunn, also paid tribute. to Robert Forster on social media. Forster was always there to give advice to people who were starting a career in the company. Gunn was one of those people that Forster took under his wing and helped him through the strings of Hollywood. Gunn explains.

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"Robert Forster was not only there. One of the best people I've ever known in the industry, he was one of the best people I knew in the world.I had met him at a film festival before even having made my first film and we stayed in touch and we were meeting for breakfast, where he was giving me advice on the film business, what he did well and what he would have could do it differently, he had no reason to do it, except our spirit and kindness, later I arranged for him to talk to groups he would distribute advice and entertainment and play the spoons for their it was all free of charge because, again, it was simply a . Benevolent me I just wake up to the news that & # 39; he died. since we spoke and would have liked to be able to tell him what he meant to me before today. It was a lot. I hope he plays somewhere in this game. He was in every way like a pro. "

Robert Forster begins playing in the late 1960s and continues until El Camino: A Breaking Bad Film this year. He has played several roles over the years, Forster was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for his work on Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown in 1997. From There , the actor's career began to take off the second time, but things have not always been so easy.Forster had this to say in an interview in 2018.

"J & Spent 21 months unemployed. I had four children, I took any job I could get. My career was like that for five years, and then like that. I thought I could bear that every time I reached a lower level, it fell a little more, then a little more. In the end, I did not have an agent, no manager, no lawyer, nothing. cracks. "

Robert Forster may have already seen himself getting lost as an actor, but moviegoers and viewers have never done it. One of the faces and voices that we simply do not forget … Quentin Tarantino was the man who brought Forster for a second chance in an acting career and that 's the way it is. is something that the actor does not take lightly.Forster is survived by his children Bobby, Elizabeth, Kate and Maeghen, his grandchildren Tess, Liam, Jack and Olivia and his partner Denise Grayso. Reporter was the first to announce the death of Robert Forster.



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