Rocket and Groot TV Show Planned for Disney+ Streaming Service?

Are Rocket and Groot Heading for the Small Screen? According to a new and very interesting rumor, this could be the case. Disney is preparing to launch its own streaming service, officially titled Disney +, at the end of next year and is not going to skimp on the content. As we recently learned, their initial programming will include Marvel shows featuring characters, performed by their respective MCU actors. Now, it seems like two of the Guardians are on deck for one of these broadcasts.

We must warn from the outset that it is only a rumor at the moment because it has not been confirmed by anybody. who at Marvel or Disney. Even the report indicates with certainty that it does exist in the realm of rumors right now. That being said, one of the shows that would be presented to Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige, who will be directly involved in these shows, is centered on the duo of Rocket and Groot . Rumor or not, that makes sense for several reasons.

First, The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was delayed indefinitely following James Gunn's removal from the project. This means that the group of MCU's favorite holes will no longer be on the big screen until Avengers 4 next year. So why not have Rocket and Groot go do anything on the small screen for a while? And they pale well before the events of the first Guardians movie. A prequel exploring what they were doing before meeting Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax might be perfect for a TV show and the kind of things that could not really be explored in a movie.

may seem like an expensive idea, it does not seem like a problem. The indication is that Disney will give these shows, which are considered more like unique miniatures, budgets comparable to those of a big budget movie. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently confirmed that a Loki series was in development and heading for Disney +, with reports on a Scarlet Witch show, as well as a series of Falcon and Bucky also in preparation. Rocket and Groot appear to be one with the types of characters that receive broadcasts for the streaming service.

One of the advantages is that Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, who's voice Rocket and Groot respectively, do not have to be on the set for this to happen. They can simply work their studio voice at their convenience, which makes it even more realistic. If this rumor turns out to be true, the question is when will we see it happen? It's more difficult to answer. The first in date seems to be that of 2020, because Disney + is not even ready to be launched before the end of next year, but as the spectacle of Loki has already been confirmed, 2021 seems more likely. We will keep you posted as new information on this topic becomes available. This news has been reported for the first time by That Hashtag Show.


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