Rocketman Banned in Samoa, Deemed Inappropriate for Public Viewing

Rocketman Faces More Adversity Around the World, The Movie being banned in Samoa. Biopic Elton John, who plays Taron Egerton as an iconic Grammy Award-winning musician, has received a lot of acclaim since its theatrical release last month. The manager, Dexter Fletcher, and the creative team have shown no effort and have not hesitated to showcase John's life as a man gay. And it is precisely these elements that led to the ban in Samoa.

According to a new report, censors in Samoa reportedly banned Rocketman entirely because of his description of homosexuality. Previously, Russia had censored some of the gay sex scenes in the film, to which Elton John and the filmmakers were strongly opposed. In this case, residents of the island nation will not have the chance to see it, censored or not. Leiataua Niuapu Faaui, censor of Samoa, told this to a local publication about the ban.

"We are concerned about the cultural values ​​and Christian beliefs here in Samoa, it is not appropriate for the public to watch."

Samoa has about 200,000 inhabitants. 97% of them identify as Christians. Sodomy is a very serious crime in the country, punishable by up to seven years' imprisonment, even though both people consented to it. As such, it makes sense that the country's censors feel that a movie's content is not appropriate. Samoa has banned other films for its description of the lifestyle of LGBTQ characters in the past, such as Milk of 2009, the biopic of Harvey Milk, and the adaptation of 2006 The Da Vinci Code .

The Biopic of the Queen Bohemian Rhapsody although he obtained a PG-13 rating and is accused of having concealed certain elements of Freddie Mercury's life, especially with regard to his sexuality, censorship problems during his box office, with censors in Samoa edit some scenes before allowing him to play in theaters. But he was finally given a theatrical run. Rocketman is a fantastic look at the life of Elton John. As such, it was never going to please such a large audience in the United States or abroad. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that moviegoers in some parts of the world do not have the opportunity to decide for themselves what they would like to see or not.

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In the end, the film probably will not suffer much, from the financial point of view, the banned. To date, Rocketman has reported $ 103 million in box office since its launch on May 31, based on an announced budget of $ 40 million. The biopic has also met rave reviews, currently enjoying a 90% approval rate on rotten tomatoes. Even though it is still early to say, this is perceived as a serious Oscar nominee, and many believe Taron Egerton has the right to attempt a nomination for Best Actor. Reuters had already announced this news.


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