Rose Tico Arrives in New Rise of Skywalker Banners

A few key characters appeared in new images promoting The Rise of Skywalker in the form of Rose Tico and the Knights of Ren. These characters are going to be in the movie, this has already been clearly explained. But to what extent they will be used in the plot, and marketing in this case remains to be seen. As Boba Fett or Captain Phasma's fans surely know, the attention paid to trailers, images and merchandise is not necessarily an indication of the duration of the display. of this character.

First, let's talk about Rose Tico. The character of Kelly Marie Tran was a new addition to the fold in The Last Jedi . While some fans liked it dearly, others fell in love with Rose and felt represented by her. As such, when Triple Force Friday arrived last week, many were shocked to discover that Rose was virtually absent from the toys and merchandise available in the stores. However, a new promotional image appeared that shows Rose alongside Jannah of Poe, Rey, Finn and Naomi Ackie.

This means at the very least that Rose is not systematically excluded from marketing . Star Wars: The advent of Skywalker as some feared. Whether it starts or not to appear on shirts, posters and other items, or even on the full trailer, which should arrive very soon, remains to be soon. Still, this image claims that Rose will again be an important member of the central group of resistance fighters.

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Then we have a banner that divides the First Order and Resistance in the center. On the right, we have the trio of the trilogy composed of the main heroes, Rey, Poe and Finn. On the left, we have Kylo Ren at the front, with his newly mended mask. More importantly, some members of the Knights of Ren stand behind him, looking rather threatening. Ren's knights were teased for the first time in Rey's dream of strength in 19459004 The Force Awakens . Yet they do not appear at all in The Last Jedi much to the chagrin of many. But director J.J. Abrams has made it clear that they would go into episode IX.

Triple Force Friday truly marked the first major marketing boost for this film. This means that we will see more images, movies and videos gradually coming online in the weeks leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker . 20. Although, as we have learned in recent years, toys and promotional images are not always a faithful indication of what to expect from the film, keep this in mind when it is is to speculate. Do not forget to look at the images of Reddit below.

New promotional Star Wars banner The Rise of SkyWalker from r / StarWarsLeaks

The promotional banner TROS with Rose and Jannah has been added from r / StarWarsLeaks


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