Rumored Rise of Skywalker Flashbacks Axed After Recent Reshoots?

It has been rumored that for months the rise of Skywalker would begin with a flashback scene featuring Jedi training between Luke and Leia. It seems that this rumor may have been suppressed during the rehearsals. Only Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams really know what's happening at any time, but the source was almost positive, this flashback scene was going to be a key part of the upcoming film's story, while helping to explain some of the powers of Leia in The Last Jedi .

The young Luke was supposed to help form Leia to the Jedi's habits in The Rise of Skywalker who apparently would have stopped living after learning that she was pregnant with Ben Solo. The Jedi training with Luke would reverberate between Leia and Rey in the next film. For the moment, it seems that the initial opening scene has been cut off, although it is not clear if the alleged coaching scenes of Rey and Leia will remain.

There are many rumors and speculations from all directions. But the original rumor regarding the training scene of Leia and Luke came from a source that is usually quite accurate. Making The editor of Star Wars Jason Ward, is complaining that Rise of Skywalker gives him the impression of being "a fraud ". Of course, these reports are not always 100% accurate, although the new footage may have really changed things. That said, we will not really know unless J.J. Abrams responds to these rumors after the release of the film in theaters later this year. Or, it is possible that the scene, if it is actually shot, can be found in the Blu-ray extras.

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Another Assumed Scene with Luke and Leia's Force Ghosts helping to defeat Emperor Palpatine would also have been suppressed during the shots. This scene seems almost too strange to start, so it might be nice if it was removed, if it ever existed. We do not even know how Emperor Palpatine will make his comeback in The Rise of Skywalker although this probably has more to do with the wreck of Death Star featured in the first trailer. Since the promotional material was so generous with Palpatine information, many fans of Star Wars hope the trailer will provide more.

The Rise of Skywalker December 20. For the moment, rumors and speculation will only continue to increase as the release date approaches. Unfortunately, some leaks will occur on the line. It would be wise to be more vigilant about what you click and the sites you visit to review the reality and rumors. Let's hope that the new trailer will be released on the 14th to give us some new pictures to dissect. Otherwise, we may have to wait for the world series. You can check out the latest speculation Rise of Skywalker below, through YouTube Making Star Wars:

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