Scream Franchise’s Ghostface Is Back in Dead by Daylight Trailer

After a leak previously suggested Scream The Ghostface killer would be part of the video game Dead by Daylight the DLC was officially confirmed in a brand new trailer video. The new content arrives just in time for the three years of the game, as it was launched for the first time in the summer of 2016.

In the clip, a murderer dressed in Ghostface's costume buys various weapons in a grocery store. store, slaughtering the cashier in the process. We can have a good look at what the killer will look like in the game, although the video does not show any real game sequence. According to the clip, a complete revelation of Ghostface with more footage and information will come on May 31.

For those who are not familiar, Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer game played online. One player controls the killer, while four others control the different survivors. Of course, the goal of the killer is to eliminate all players from the card by sacrificing them to a higher power known as the entity. Each killer has his own method of murder and his special powers. Conversely, survivors must try to escape by repairing the generators and overcoming other obstacles. Surviving can greatly benefit from teamwork because the chances of a player are much better if more survivors stay on the map.

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Up to now, several other characters of traditional horror movies have already been included in the game. We have already seen the additions of Michael 1945, star of the Halloween franchise Halloween Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a breakout head wearing a pork mask of the series Saw and the restarted version of Freddy Krueger of A nightmare on Elm Street . More recently, Bruce Campbell took over the voice of Evil Dead hero Ash Williams and resembled him. He also resembled the character who proposed Ash's inclusion as a playable survivor. This allows horror fans to have blends between Ash and other horror antagonists like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and now, Ghost Face.

Dead by Daylight is approaching the inclusion of almost all major horror film franchises at this stage. However, a blatant omission in the video game is that of Jason Voorhees of the series of Friday, 13 (19459005). This is probably due to the fact that Jason plays in the video game competitor of Friday 13: The Game which remains very active despite the setting aside of any future downloadable content. In addition, the rights of the film franchise are always caught in an endless legal battle between the director and the writer of the original film, thus blocking the creation of any new content in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, as Jason had already been part of the series Mortal Kombat you never know for sure where he could end up.

The complete revelation of Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight will take place on the official Twitch stream of the game on May 31 at 3 pm. IS. We can expect to know more about the character and find out more then. For now, you can watch the video below from the Dead by Daylight channel on YouTube.


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