Shannon Elizabeth Returns as Justice in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot bring back another familiar face. Kevin Smith revealed that Shannon Elizabeth is bringing her back to View Askewniverse. Smith worked hard to film the last entry of his interconnected universe that began with Clerks all those years ago. This time, it's a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back who will tackle the happy culture of the Hollywood restart, and Elizabeth will be in the party.

This news comes from a photo shared by Kevin Smith on Instagram. Until now, he has been very active throughout the production, providing many updates, without much spoil the filming. In his latest update, he revealed that Shannon Elizabeth will resume her role as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and that, according to her long legend, she will have an important role to play. Here's what Smith had to say about it.

"And justice for all!" It did not look like a real sequel until Shannon Elizabeth stepped on the set of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, but it's almost like if she had walked out of a box that was sealed when we packed #jayandsilentbobstrikeback because Shannon did not get old at all! Time passes, and it scrolls on my face and that of Jay, but not that of Shannon! Jay's love of life comes back on our primary Shannon returned from #africa, where she recently lived, to save elephants and rhinos with her Shannon Elizabeth Foundation! Jason Mewes and I- we were particularly grateful, Shannon not only returned but also went far, leaving behind this noble work for a minute to make stupid bullshit with old friends.One of the highlights of the filming so far was to hear Jason Mewes calls back r to Shannon Elizabeth that she was her first kiss on the screen. and str come back, we meet to raise!

One might wonder if Ali Larter or Eliza Dushku, who were hanging out with Shannon Elizabeth in the latest film, will also be back? We will have to wait and see about it. Kevin Smith has promised that there would be a lot of cameos and he slowly revealed some of his regulars, such as Jason Lee as Brodie and Brian O 'Halloran as Dante, who will also be back for his last, Smith also recently announced that new actors would play Bluntman and Chronic this time.

Kevin Smith suffered an almost fatal heart attack last year and found life again .This is his first film since his recovery and his first complete comic effort for some time.His two previous films, Tust and Yoga Hosers also included elements of horror. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot do not have It's still release date, but is expected to arrive in 2019. Be sure to check out Kevin Smith's new Instagram photo below.

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