Star Wars 9 Triple Force Friday Toys & Merch Event Announced for October

Fans of one of the most anticipated movies of 2019, Star Wars 9 ] can begin On October 4, new products inspired by both the new film and the very first live action television show The Mandalorian will begin to make their appearance in the rays of the world whole. The same day, Disney will unveil a new pole of Frozen 2 . This marks Disney's very first simultaneous worldwide deployment for two entertainment behemoths. Retailers around the world will create unique celebrations for each of the franchises to honor their individual legacies.

Says Ken Potrock, President, Consumer Product Marketing.

"It's truly an epic moment for fans, families, and retailers, as the products of two of the largest entertainment franchises of all time come out of the stands simultaneously." We will work with our partners to create spectacular celebrations for everyone, in the lineage of the excitement and anticipation of legions of Star Wars and Frozen fans around the world. "


The Triple Force Friday will celebrate the launch of a range of new products from a trio of original Star Wars entertainment events, including products inspired by:

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  • • The latest highly anticipated installment of the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: Episode IX
  • • The very first live action series of Star Wars, The Mandalorian, will debut exclusively on the upcoming streaming service, Disney +.
  • • The latest title of EA and Respawn – Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order – a brand new adventure game featuring Holiday 2019.

Like Star Fans Wars have come to anticipate, products ranging from toys to collectibles, housewares, books, clothes, etc. will go on sale from 4 h 201 on Monday 1 October. the world will join the festivities with events in store and openings at midnight.

Commemorating merchandise introduced before episodic movies, Triple Force Friday is an event awaited by Star Wars fans around the world. Previous iterations, including a live unpacking event that took place in 15 cities around the world in 2015 and a digital treasure hunt in-store using augmented reality technology in 2017, have gathered millions of people who shared their experiences. Juli Lennett, vice president, industry advisor for the toy division of the US group NPD.

"With the launch of Disney's Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Episode IX the same year, it will be a remarkable moment for the toy industry," "If the story is an indication for future success, Frozen and Star Wars will be among the best-selling properties in 2019, just as they were in 2014 and 2015/2016 respectively. "

Details Triple Force Friday's details will be revealed closer and closer to the event, but fans can expect that its legacy of unique experiences will continue and that new products remain secret until October 4 , while new products continue to be launched. at the exit in the room and beyond. For more details on Triple Force Friday, interested parties can visit and follow the conversation on social networks using #ForceFriday.


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