Stephen King’s The Boogeyman Still on at Disney, Writers Discuss Their Take [Exclusive]

Stephen King is one of the most successful and prolific writers in his history, but he also becomes one of the most popular brands of Hollywood. Thanks to the success of both IT and now IT Chapter Two the studios captivate King's works like crazy to fit the big screen. Last year, we learned that 20th Century Fox had made it with The King Boogeyman of Stephen King one of the first news of the l & # 39; 39, author At Quiet Place Scott Beck and Bryan Woods had to adapt. Now we know that the project is moving forward, and that the duo intends to cope with the adaptation.

I recently had the chance to talk to Scott Beck and Bryan Woods in the honor of their first feature filmmaker, Haunt . During our conversation, I asked about The Boogeyman which was somewhat dubious after the Disney / Fox merger. Beck revealed that this project was safe, at least for the moment, and that they had the intention to direct it when the time came.

"We are writing this to lead 20th Century Fox, and this is one of the few projects we have had the chance to succeed so far with the merger with Disney. Fingers crossed, that can change from one day to the next, but it is still there.It is a news that we have always kept in our pockets, that is one of our favorites among the Night Shift collection and what we liked, is somehow talking about our love of the original cinema, even if it's based on a story This is a huge sandbox that allows Bryan and I to create a new story since the beginning of this 12-page short film, and we are delighted to have it all! Exploring a territory similar to that of A Quiet Place .It is a horrible story about boogeyman man, but also deals with family struggling wi It's very important throughout the story. "

Disney recently eliminated the vast majority of Fox's development list after a series of flops that the studio inherited from the $ 71.3 billion deal. not a usual thing at Disney, they like money and The Boogeyman has all the ingredients to do a lot … Beck and Woods wrote A Quiet Place which was a huge success for Paramount last year Add to that all the appeal of all that Stephen King is telling at this moment and it becomes an attractive prospect.

The Boogeyman is a novel that was originally published in 1973 and included in Stephen King's beloved collection of shorts, Night Shift .The story is centered on a man telling the stories murders of his children in a psychiatrist's office The common denominator They were all crying "Boogeyman" just before dying. The story is short and simple, leaving plenty of room to adapt to the big screen.

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At the present time, there is no no timetable for the film. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are currently working on the script and once that is done, it will be up to Disney / Fox to proceed. We will keep you informed as soon as further details become available. In the meantime, the exits of Beck and Woods Haunt on September 13 in Nickel City Pictures.


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