Takashi Miike to Get Lifetime Achievement Award in Fantastic Fest Final Wave

Netflix Presents the American Premiere of the Movie I Lost My Body Awarded for His Great Glory, After an Award-Winning Release at Week Cannes criticism. From director Jérémy Clapin, this singular story of a cut hand trying to reunite with its owner is told in a striking hand-drawn animation style and wins the Cristal Award at the prestigious International Film Festival D & D. Animation of Annecy.

"This year has been phenomenal in terms of filmmaking and we are proud to welcome as many of the best filmmakers of the year to Austin," said Evrim Ersoy, creative director of Fantastic Fest. "Whether it's novices or alumni, we hope to share their work with our unique audience and help them make their voices heard in the festival world and with the general public." "

The festival will honor the career of Japanese Maestro Takashi Miike receives an award of excellence for his career and a special projection of Happiness Katakuris . With more than 100 films under his belt, Takashi Miike's work has been regularly featured at the festival.

This year, Fantastic Fest alumni bring outstanding new projects to the festival. Alleluia Filmmaker Fabrice du Welz returns to Austin with the North American premiere of Adoration telling the story of a young love that went wrong. Katrin Gebbe, alum of Drafthouse Films, follows his first feature film Nothing Bad Can Happen with Pelican Blood where a mother realizes that something is wrong with her adoptive girl. Finally, filmmaker Ryan Spindell makes the leap into films with the world premiere of his fast-paced anthology, The Mortuary Collection .

One of the thrills of Fantastic Fest is the opportunity to see the beginning of a filmmaker's career, and this year's festival will feature a trio of mind-blowing director debuts. In Saint Maud a resident nurse is determined to save the soul of her dying patient at all costs. In Homewrecker a polite friendship forces a young woman to fight to the death with the growing insanity of her new friend. Finally, in AMIGO, long-time friends find their relationship more toxic following a tragic and disabling accident.

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The sea is the inspiration for a trio of films that inspire emotions very different. In Sweetheart a wrecked young woman discovers that she may not be as lonely as she thought. In Sea Fever the crew of a small transport boat discovers that their boat is infected with an unknown organism. Finally, in Ride Your Wave a young woman obsessed with surfing discovers that death may not be the last stage of her nascent romance with a handsome firefighter.

Fantastic Fest is renowned for its dedication to the horror genre, and this year's programming is particularly strong with a range of fantastic firsts. In the world premiere of Random Acts of Violence a cartoonist is inspired by the macabre work of a serial killer. In the World Premiere of We Summon Darkness An after-party becomes a deadly ground for the survival of a group of heavy metal fans. And in the North American premiere of Keep Me Company a romantic weekend getaway becomes ominous with unusual events in a rented house.

Cinephiles in love with the unusual taste will be delighted by a trio of titles that bend styles and genres to create something completely unique. In Little Joe a scientific discovery threatens the entire future of mankind. WYRM is about an alternative future where a shy, dinosaur obsessed student struggles with a unique and unusual academic requirement. Finally, in Night Drive a driver discovers that his boring evening is becoming anything but a young woman via a carpool app in a glorious comedy of errors.

Alongside the usual vibrant and thrilling short film program, Fantastic Fest 2019 draws particular attention to emerging genre filmmakers from Mexico in a block of short films supported by the Mexican Consulate at Austin Mexico Fantastico . The program begins with the disturbing thriller 9:40 with Kristyan Ferrer ( Sin Number ), and continues with a selection of fantastic short films that span the gamut, genre and style, including the weird folk -horror of The Wandering Witch and the disturbing sci-fi drama of The Original by Sofia Fanta and Aldo Fantastic Fest, respectively, recordings of live podcasts are back Highball scene at the Fantastic Fest this year, with Leonard Maltin's return to Maltin on Movies, Doug Benson's Doug Loves Movies and April Wolfe's Switchblade Sisters. This year, new additions are included: Horror Queers, The Horror and 5BY5 At The Movies.

Fantastic Fest 2019 – Final Wave Movie Collection


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