Terrence Malick Takes on Love & Nazis in WWII

Fox Searchlight released the first trailer of A Hidden Life . This is the latest film by Terrence Malick, renowned filmmaker, who has had a rather cold period in recent years. However, if we believe the first words of Cannes announced earlier this year, it could be a return to the greatness of the director behind such films as Badlands and L & # 39; Tree of Life . Based on these initial images, this epic of the Second World War seems to be a serious contender for the awards season and a hope for the Oscars. He puts the relationship at the center of this story, reviews the court and links these two people before they are torn apart by the horrors of war. Although World War II films have been filmed over and over again in every way imaginable over the years, it seems rather unique, as we are introduced to a German who is in conflict over the leadership in his country of 39; origin. It's a seemingly anchored human tale, as opposed to an epic of great war. Jägerstätter. He refused to fight for the Nazis during the Second World War. The Austrian peasant was threatened with execution for treason. Yet his faith was unwavering and his love for his family kept him alive. August Diehl, Valérie Pachner, Maria Simon, Tobias Moretti, Bruno Ganz, Matthias Schoenaerts, Karin Neuhäuser and Ulrich Matthes are part of the cast.

Oscar nominations, this could be a crucial film for Fox Searchlight. Disney merged with Fox earlier this year and, until now, things have been a little bumpy. Disney has eliminated the essential development of Fox and the future of many projects remains uncertain. Fox Searchlight is a paradise for independent films. The next banner of the banner, which also includes Joa Rabbit Jojo Rabbit by Taika Waititi, a title that also focuses on World War II, but in a very different way, will have to convince Disney that these types of movies are worth investing. small task.

Terrence Malick's recent efforts, such as Song to Song and Knight of Cups failed to attract the attention of the great public. However, this has earned its authors some of the best reviews it has made over the years and it is a return to form for the author. It currently enjoys a 74 percent approval rate by critics on rotten tomatoes. And let's not forget the last time Malick attacked in World War II, we got The Thin Red Line . Malick wrote the script in addition to directing. Dario Bergesio, Josh Jeter, Elisabeth Bentley and Marcus Loges are producers. A hidden life is scheduled to open on December 13. Be sure to watch the Fox Searchlight YouTube channel trailer for yourself.

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