Thanos Hot Toys Action Figure Reveals His Secret Endgame Weapon

Thanos will receive additional assistance in . Avengers: Endgame . The villain has been turned into a 1/6 Hot Toys figure with incredible detail, which gives us our best look at the Mad Titan to this day. He is presented in his complete armor with the Infinity gauntlet and the six Infinity stones that shine. The stones really shine since the character contains LED lights to power the glove, scary the rest of the toy shelf.

Thanos' battle armor has already been shown and was last seen in a scarecrow. The Avengers: End of the match trailer. However, the new Hot Toys figure, which will be available next year, has its double-edged sword, which seems to be able to expand and contract as soon as we preview the new figure. Thanos will certainly be able to slaughter more people with this bad boy in his hands. The most powerful heroes on the planet will go on the hunt for the wicked, so he will be fully prepared.

Hot Toys claims that their latest character was "meticulously crafted with an impressive resemblance based on the main appearance of Thanos." They do not laugh. The figure Avengers: Endgame is almost identical to the way it appears on the big screen. As with all Hot Toys, the details are incredibly high, but include many customizations. For example, the figure of Mad Titan is accompanied by several heads and fists, offering Marvel Cinematic Univers fans a plethora of options for display.

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Avengers: Endgame is screened in late April and MCU fans are starting to blunt a bit. That's all because Infinity War left us a rather surprising cliffhanger in which half of the universe was decimated, including some of the most beloved superheroes of the day. 39; history. The trailers and promotional material of the next film show the remaining heroes who unite to eliminate Thanos forever with the help of Captain Marvel this time around.

The Main Avengers: Endgame The main floating theories relate to time travel and Quantum. Kingdom, although it might be a bit too easy for the Russo brothers. The directorial duo made a film that will attempt to finish what Iron Man began eleven years ago. The final film of MCU Phase 3 is the culmination of everything that has happened before and the Russo do not take it lightly. It seems like we're all going on a three-hour trip that will bring us back more than likely to move forward. While you wait Avengers: Endgame to go out, you can check the figure of Hot Toys Thanos 1/6 below, thanks to Hot Toys.


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