The Batman Fan Art Turns Vanessa Hudgens Into One Killer Catwoman

The Batman reportedly has two great villains, with Penguin and Catwoman, who both would have appeared. the movie to confront a new Bruce Wayne. We heard the name of Josh Gad appear a bit like the old Oswald Cobblepot. Now, the whispers begin to whisper that Vanessa Hudgens could be in the running for Catwoman. What would it look like? Well, we have some fan drawings that allow us to take a look at what we could all be in reserve for when The Batman finally goes to the theaters.

Art comes from the Melbourne-based digital artist Mizuri, who offers a green look to Vanessa Hudgens, ready for a good battle of old-fashioned cats.

"Who should be the main villain of Matt Reeves Batman's movie?" @ Vanessaahudgens as Catwoman! Hello everyone! Not quite sure, but there has been a rumor circulating about it. Vanessa Hudgens may be playing in Catwoman in Matt Reeves' Batman Solo 2017. I'm excited about everything about Batman, so I decided to bring this story to life! "

Cast for The Batman has been announced yet. Robert Pattinson was anything but a lock to play Bruce Wayne, the final negotiations apparently taking place at Warner Bros. for DC Films. But the casting has been an arduous process, and Pattinson has not officially signed yet. Nicholas Hoult has also been described as a favorite for the role. The actor is perhaps best known as Beast in the latest X-Men films for 20th Century Fox.

To this day, Josh Gad is the only actor who would have played in The Penguin. one at DC or Warner Bros. officially confirmed his involvement. The actor himself has often criticized the fans with the possibility that he joins the DCEU, but nothing has happened yet.

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The last time the pair was infatuated Batman Returns was seen in a movie on the big screen with Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito taking over the roles, and it seems that Matt Reeves, who took over from Ben Affleck, has completely resumed his directorial duties the project could quite repeat a part of the ancient magic of Tim Burton with this new iteration.

Vanessa Hudgens took her first steps in the same skin as Gabriella Montez in the hit franchise of Disney High School Musical in all three films. She also starred in Zack Snyder's much-maligned thriller Sucker Punch proving that she was very present on the screens. She then surprised everyone by taking over Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers which showed her in a very different light and proved that she could handle a very dark material.

Hudgens is already part of the DC group. universe with its role in the television comedy Powerless following the staff of an insurance company specializing in products designed to protect defenseless bystanders from the collateral damage of superheroes and supervisors placed in the CUSD. She was last seen in Rent: Live and will return with an important role in the long awaited sequel Bad Boys for Life alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. You can consult Vanessa Hudgens as Catwoman directly from Mizuri Instagram.


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