The Demonologist Trailer Summons the Four Demon Kings of Hell

Meet Damien Seryph. He is The Demonologist . And he is here to save us from the end of the world. In January, the four demon kings of hell are summoned to begin the end of days. Today we have the first trailer and a poster of a poster for this terrifying chiller.

A spooky detective is the only hope of an imminent apocalypse in the cold that is chilling in the back. The Demonologist ] premiered on On Demand on January 1, 2019 by Uncork's Entertainment. A detective is haunted by nightmares of his past and visions he does not understand. When he investigates a series of brutal murders, he discovers a worship that venerates the four king demons of hell, who intend to make them disappear to destroy the Earth. The Demonologist .

From author-director JM Stelly and director Brian Krause ( Charmed Somnambulists ), Lara Grice ( Logan ) and Thomas Francis Murphy ( Mindhunter ), . The Demonologist comes to On Demand to launch your terrified New Year's Day.

JM Stelly made his film debut in 2015 with the horror thriller Within Madness after being made known by his short films. Within Madness tells the true story of a personal trainer obsessed with one of his clients. He then followed in 2017 with Abacus another thriller, which this time bore on a group of men who must kill or suffer the death of a loved one. After The Demonologist Stelly already aligns his next two projects, with a sequel to Within Madness called The Chapel Tapes . and The 13th Gate follows a group of people who unwittingly unveil distorted truths about their own lives.

While preparing his first film, Stelly spent time on the budget disaster that took place would become the remake of Fantastic Four under the direction of Josh Trank, who would be fired from the movie Star Wars by Boba Fett . Stelly has worked in many film departments, notably to bring to life The Dmeonologist .

Brian Krause is perhaps best known for playing Leo Wyatt on the original . ] Charmé . He has a wide range of television roles to his credit. He made his telefilm debut Match Point and Highway to Heaven before landing a lead role in An American Summer followed by Return to the Blue Lagoon . He played in the favorite film Sleepwalkers and quite crazy, he starred in the four films Smokey and the Bandit which most people do not even know exist. He currently plays in the Fallout 76 poplar video game. He also has several exciting projects in perspective.

You can get a first glimpse of The Dmeonologist with the trailer released by October Coast, which comes with a pretty cool poster. Start your new year right with a little satanic panic and the end of the world.

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