The Extractors Trailer Locks Stallone in Most Impenetrable Prison Yet

We Have a Brand New Red Band Trailer for The Evacuation Plan: The Extractors ] who brings home-video Sylvester Stallone, someone surely wants it. This is surprisingly the third entry of this franchise, which debuted with a big-screen edition in 2013 and co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger after leaving politics. Now, Stallone has teamed up with Dave Bautista, the star of The Guardians of the Galaxy and 50 Cent for a hostage full of action.

This is mostly action movies shot directly on video. seem to be a dime and rarely stand out. Based on the trailer at least, this actually gives the impression that it could easily give enough excitement to justify spending $ 1.50 to rent this machine in a red box on Wednesday night. The trailer begins with Sly leading a happy life before his girlfriend is kidnapped. He must then form a team for a dangerous extraction mission (as the title indicates). He threw himself into a barrage of one-liners and violent and violent actions, on a nu-metal soundtrack. It sounds pretty funny.

The Evacuation Plan: The Extractors Focused on security expert Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), hired to rescue the girl kidnapped from a big tech mogul from Hong Kong, who is currently being held in a well-guarded prison in Latvia. Breslin's girlfriend (Jaime King) was also captured, which gives her a personal character. Now, Breslin and his team must execute a deadly rescue mission that will put them face to face with their new enemy to save the hostages before the time runs out. John Herzfeld ( Reach Me ) is in the position of director and replaces Steven C. Miller, who was leading the plan 2 of last year 's escape: Hades. Max Zhang and Devon Sawa are also in the game.

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As to what enthusiasts would like to see. action will get when they decide To grab the movie, copy, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Digital DVDs all include an audio commentary with director John Herzfeld, Sylvester Stallone, Devon Sawa and Daniel Bernhardt. There is also a feature, The Making of Escape Plan: Extractors, which features interviews with actors and team members that end the process of making the film. The Blu-ray Combo Pack will cost $ 24.99, while the DVD will be available for $ 19.98.

The 2013 escape plan, piloted by Mikael Hafstrom, proved to be a decent box office success, raising $ 137 million worldwide. So, the plan was designed to make a sequel. Even before the second entry was published, the producers gave Escape Plan 3 the green light. However, it was decided, for a variety of reasons, that the next two entries go directly to the video instead of being shown in theaters. . Evacuation Plan: The extraction must arrive on July 2nd. Be sure to watch the new trailer for the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel below.



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