The Flash Movie Goes After IT Director, Ezra Miller Not Exiting Yet

The Flash Solo Movie is still alive, but the team that is trying to get the Scarlet Speedster on the big screen is for the moment another huge upheaval. We have now learned that the director of IT Andy Muschietti, was in talks to lead the long-time adaptation of Warner Bros in Washington DC. In addition, we also have a potential new author for the project, Christina Hodson, who recently signed last year Bumblebee . One of the only things that does not seem to change, for the moment, is Ezra Miller, who is still attached to the star.

According to a new report, Andres Muschietti and Christina Hodson both turn around. the project as a new package. The offers have not been made yet, but it is said that things are going in the right direction. Before this turn of events, the duo director John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein Game Night had spent time developing the project in question. They wrote a script and were staged. Their vision, which would have been lighter, struck the star Ezra Miller. Since then, they have moved on, setting the stage for Muschietti to assume the presidency of the director.

This film had many more problems behind the scenes. Ezra Miller finally wrote his own script with the legend of the comic book Grant Morrison, which was turned into a studio several months ago. Warner Bros. did not decide that it was the right direction to go with the movie. They nevertheless decided that it was best to keep Miller on board. Miller is at the origin of the role in Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice before appearing at a more important title in the Justice League .

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Andy Muschietti, meanwhile, comes out of the world of horror after realizing films such as Mama . However, that is IT which really put it on the map, since Stephen King's adaptation reached $ 700 million worldwide, while still getting some rave reviews. Muschietti also led the follow-up, IT Chapter Two, which will be released in September. If the agreement was reached, Andy Muschietti would just become the last horror director to attack a DC film. James Wan ( The Conjuring ) barred Aquaman who reached more than one billion dollars in the world, while Shazam is directed by David F. Sandberg ([19459003)] Annabelle: Creation ).

As for Christina Hodson, she became one of the hottest screenwriters in Hollywood. In addition to Bumblebee who helped to bail out the franchise Transformers (critically), she also wrote the future spin-off of Harley Quin Birds of Prey which was put on the market theaters in February 2020. Hodson also signs the solo film Batgirl . Obviously, Warner Bros. love what she's already been able to do in the DC Universe. Previously, Seth Grahame-Smith (who actually worked as a producer on IT ) was attached to The Flash . Rick Famuyiwa ( Dope ) also spent time on the project. We will keep you informed as soon as additional information becomes available. This news has been reported for the first time by the Hollywood Reporter.


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