The Flash Movie Is Absolutely Still Happening Confirms Ezra Miller

Does the flash continue? According to his star, DC's autonomous adventure is "absolutely confirmed". Ezra Miller talks about the self-contained film The Flash for years, but not his fault. The film had a lot of production problems with a director after the next project failure. The latest news, Ezra Miller took the scenario in his hands. We do not know how it will have been, but he says what he is about his future projects when asked what will be the next step for the actor.

"Well, I'll tell you the ones I can talk to you about, because they're absolutely confirmed. [They] are Fantastic Beasts 3 … The Flash Movie … I'm doing more music with Sons of an Illustrious Father, the band I'm part of music by myself. "

Fantastic Beasts 3 was also delayed because the fans Harry Potter's were not back with the previous installment, although Ezra Miller was a highlight, and his role as Barebone Credence will be expanded in the future. The Flash movie is also hosted at Warner Bros. Although his contract with DC ended in May after making a brief appearance in Batman V Superman followed by a larger role in Justice League many thought that the # The actor was on the floor and away from the account. It had been noted earlier in the year that Miller had clashed with directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein about the screenplay, and that he was recording his own version.

The adventure of the cinematic universe of DC has been dramatic and it is now almost in tatters, the lack of success in the past, both critically and financially, from the beginning. shared universe that once inspired the MCU and focused more on individual characters and their solo releases.

The current series of films adapted to DC began in 2013 with the man of director Zack Snyder . An original story of Superman that received a rather lukewarm critical reception, but which would continue to be considered one of the best films in the franchise. After entrusting Snyder with responsibility for DC's film universe and giving him the power to direct the direction in which he would go, he was followed by a very poorly judged team film in the form of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice A super-hero movie that has been ridiculed by critics and, although the audience is much more friendly, sowed seeds that may have been thrown into a vast shared universe Maybe it was not the best idea.

Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice presented the fleeting (and rather clever) first glimpse of star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, nicknamed The Flash, while Bruce Wayne watched footage of seriously rasterized security cameras from the fastest man stopping a flight.

After the Suicide Squad equally despised in the same way, in 2016 DC finally found success in the form of Wonder Woman by Patty Jenkins, magnificent first solo for the princess Amazon. Unfortunately, DC followed this short-lived success with the Justice League of 2017, sadly another critically knocked-out getaway, where the audience was first introduced to Ezra Miller as The Scarlet Speedster.

The majority of comic relief, Miller was a polarizing presence, emerging as the favorite thing of some people in the movie, while others were crying desperately for the role to be re-cast. Nevertheless, a solo film for the character was still on the agenda, with Miller ready to shoot the red spandex and pursue his precise comic film.

Since the conception of the film and after the financial disappointment of Justice League The Flash movie is surrounded by the same drama as the universe in which it is based. Spider-Man: Homecoming Dueling directors Jonathan Goldstien and John Francis Daley were ready to lead, but it was recently reported that this was no longer the case. In fact, the director and and may be Chapter 2 Andy Muschietti, who takes the reins and adds his own touch to the proceedings. There were even rumors that Screenwriter and director Phil Lord and Chirstopher Miller of Lego Movie would write the screenplay for The Flash but it would now be from Bumblebee & # 39; s Christina Hodson who will assume this daunting task.

With such confusion behind the scenes, it is no wonder that the fan community often wonders if The Flash will ever see the light of day, but we now have a semblance of confirmation of the star of the title itself. Speaking with W Korea, Miller stated that The Flash is "absolutely confirmed" as he listed his upcoming plans. You can see it yourself in the video below from ComicBookResources.

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