The Flash Movie Is Getting Another Rewrite and a New Producer

The Flash is one of the most troubled entries in the world of the movie DC, but Warner Bros. does everything it can to get. go down the right track. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein of Game Night were appointed to direct the film last year and we now know that they will also rewrite the script. In addition, a new producer, Michael Disco, took part in the project while he had just created his own production company, The Disco Factory.

Since Michael Disco, he has worked for Warner Bros. & # 39; New line for almost 20 years. He recently decided to go into production and, because of his long-standing relationship with the studio, signed a two-year production contract. He will participate directly in two major projects from the start; The Sopranos The Prequel Movie The Many Saints of Newark and The Flash . The president of Warner Bros. Pictures, Toby Emmerich, said:

"Michael Disco started working for us at New Line 19 years ago and is one of those whom you hope to join your team throughout their career. He has a passionate and incredibly talented background in development and production, so it makes sense that he chose to get into production.I am both proud and happy that he stays here and realizes his films in our studio, where he was a beloved and trusted colleague. "

Bringing in some new blood might well meet the needs of this project. Until now, several filmmakers have come and gone. Originally, Seth Grahame-Smith was to debut as a director with the adaptation of DC Comics, which ultimately failed. Next, Rick Famuyiwa ( Dope ) spent time on the production and wrote his own version of the script. Once left, Joby Harold ( King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword ) was called upon to make a rewrite of a page and this one eventually turned into a pointer . . Again, with this latest rewrite, it's out the window. Michael Disco had this to say about his new contract with the studio.

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"I am so grateful Toby Emmerich, Richard Brener, Carolyn Blackwood and Walter Hamada for their incredible support in making this transition.I have spent my entire career at Warner / New Line and am delighted to continue my relationship with visionary and creative executives in both companies. "

The Studio is now more focused on continuous films that can fend for themselves, instead of worrying so much about creating a highly connected universe, given the success of both Aquaman and Wonder Woman . The studio has significantly changed its strategy following the disappointment of the Justice League . Ezra Miller debuted as Scarlet Speedster in the team movie.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein had already helped with the Spider-Man: Homecoming pen in addition to Game Night and both worked very well. Ezra Miller is still attached to the role of Barry Allen and he recently promised that it would be a gift for DC fans and that they took the time to make sure they were doing things right. Flash is currently no release date. This date had already been reported by Deadline.


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