The Flash Movie Is Racing Towards a November Production Start

Good news, Flash fans. We have news from the DC Movie camp that The Flash movie will begin to be produced by the end of this year … hopefully. This film is in the hopper for a long time now. It seems like it's an eternity for Flash fans, but at least for the moment, there's the television series that links us. The Flash appears on the big screen, briefly in Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice Zack Snyder and, of course, in the film set The Justice League with Ezra Miller in the role of the fuzzy hero of high speed. ]

The wheels of the Hollywood machine can move slowly or even derail at any time. Making a movie is not easy, The Flash is no exception. At one point, Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa were on board to direct the film, but last year Warner Brothers decided to leave with the authors Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Game Night Directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will take over the project. We have not heard anything different, so we must assume that Warner Bros. is pleased with the changes and is sticking to his new choices, going from the front with the Flash movie.

Flash fans should be thrilled. see Flash on screen again because his appearance in Justice League was very well received. The actor Ezra Miller did a good job with the character. It will be a pleasure to see him in his own feature film. One can only imagine the shenanigans of The Flash at this point, but last year, however, he did promotion for . The long shooting time of the flash . The star of the new movie seemed very confident about the rumors, saying that no matter how long it would take, the film was well worth the long wait.

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As I said, make a huge blockbuster movie n '# 39; is not easy. DC is good at that though. Aquaman has just won a billion dollars, so DC is trying at all costs to put another of its products on the market. Now, if you look at the current list of DC films that are scheduled for release the same year as The Flash you see that they already have three films in the making: Matt Reeves The Batman and the James Gunn reboots with the Suicide Squad and the DC Super Pets .

With a schedule like this one, it's hard to imagine where they will stand, but bigger miracles happened in the film industry, so we cross each other's fingers . While the main production will begin, supposedly, in November of this year 2019, we may be considering a real release date until 2021. Once the studio starts to spin, with the casting and the film will be released. team firmly in place, I think the film will advance a little faster than expected. It is not uncommon for a studio to start promoting a movie for an earlier release if they think the market is hungry for the product and have long been waiting for Flash to produce their own movie. This news comes from Geeks Worldwide.


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