The Flash Movie Launches an All-New Speedster Multiverse Says Ezra Miller

Even though it has been delayed many times, the Flash solo film continues to happen and Ezra Miller has provided a bet important update. This is a project that has been running for quite some time and has, as it were, already flourished, with several directors succeeding each other before John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein ( of Game Night ) Intervene, who are currently on the bridge to lead the adaptation of DC Comics. Although the exact timing of the shooting is not yet known, Miller promises that DC fans will enjoy this event.

Ezra Miller presented his version of Barry Allen on screen in Justice League . what, unfortunately, Warner Bros. did not hope. But Miller is still attached to the role and, in a new interview, he did it while promoting Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald The Actor much talked about what we can expect. Here is what he had to say about it.

"We're talking about creating a whole new world, it's not just the DC multiverse, it's the Speedster multiverse, and it's the speedsters that connect all the disparate ones because Marvel is a universe, is not it? it's a world with all the same characters.CD is a multiverse – all these different stories with different realities, different characters and different versions of the characters. through all this. "

For those who have read the comics or have seen the show on The CW, there are indeed many different universes in the DC pantheon and Barry Allen has access to it via its incredible speed. Based on these comments, it seems that this movie will open this multiverse to current movies, which could mean big things for the big DCEU. As for the delay?

"Ezra Miller says that everything happens so that Barry Allen knows that he is always late, but when he arrives, he will get results.This is undoubtedly the schedule of production of this film [laughs] We are a little late, but the reason we are late, and it's honest truth towards God, it's because we are all, and I'm Included in this, we are very meticulously focused on making a movie that is not just one of the best superhero movies we can do, this movie will also be a gift for the fans … This movie will be a real pure offer to the fans of this material.And we reached a few points in the development of the script where we examined it and left: "This n & # 39; is not that, it's not that yet. […] I'm really excited to see how much everyone is determined to do it right, and I'm also very attached to that. We will not make the film unless it is this wonderful offer made to the fans, and to everyone. "

The release date of Flash is not set.The original film Joker with Joaquin Phoenix in October is as follows. Birds of Prey (February) and The Wonder Woman 1984 (June) Following Us If we are lucky, this may happen in 2021. N / A feel free to check out the entirety of the interview on the Twitter account of Flashsolo Updates.

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