The Grudge Reboot First Look Unleashes New Ghosts, Surprising Timeline Revealed

Grudge was launched for the blood in three new unpublished images. Nicolas Pesce 's remake of the original 2004 horror film is expected to hit theaters early next year and the release of a trailer is imminent. In addition to the new images, we also learned when the film took place. The restart features John Cho, Demian Bichir and Andrea Riseborough. Sam Raimi, original producer of the first two installments of the American version of the horror trilogy, produced with Rob Taper. The film was co-written by Pesce and Jeff Buhler.

Obviously, The Grudge The reboot images are out of context, so it's hard to know what's going on. on except for craziness and a lot of blood. The three images are disturbing and tease something that most horror fans will probably be eager to see. These images follow the very first look we received when we restarted the horror of last November, which consisted simply of a woman's figure glued to a glass door.

The Grudge [Grudge] The restart takes place at the same time as the installment of 2004. Director Nicolas Pesce said that the film was not not a sequel or a remake. Instead, this happens when "Sarah Michelle Gellar does what she has in Japan, and that's what's happening in America at the same time," says Pesce. He takes The Grudge mythos and develops it to give fans a new story that unfolds at the same time as the originals. Pesce also revealed that his project would also work for horror fans who may have never seen a movie before Grudge .


With regard to the new version of The Grudge Nicolas Pesce brings things back in a loop. "Aesthetically, it's much closer to the original Japanese movies than American movies, which has made it a little smoother," said the director. That being said, the film does not take place in Japan. It takes place in "a small suburban American town". All these changes were made on purpose, while taking up some elements of Japanese folklore from earlier episodes lost to viewers and adapting them to today's North American audiences.

Grudge A reboot takes place in theaters on January 3, 2020. Although the world of remakes and reboots may be difficult to navigate, it seems that Nicolas Pesce knew what he wanted to do from the start and think that horror fans will be on board with his new direction. However, there are fans who are still fiercely loyal to early Japanese versions, who might not be in what Pesce did. In the end, we will have to wait and see. While waiting for the trailer, you can consult the images below, thanks to the Twitter account The Grudge .


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