The Last Knight Sequel Is Still Being Planned

The Bigtime producer, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, states that a follow-up of Transformers: The Last Knight is under development. In the same breath, he also announces that a sequel Bumblebee is in preparation.

Paramount, the home of Di Bonaventura Pictures, was destined for . Transformers: The Last Knight will be the starting point of a whole universe of sequels, sequences and scenarios for The Transformers will be presented from Transformers 6 ]. This idea was put on the back burner after the film was filmed by Michael Bay, bombarded with critics and underperforming at the studio's box office. With The Last Knight not doing as well as expected, there was a lot of pressure on the other major release, Bumblebee for it to be performing well .

Bumblebee a film shot by Travis Knight, was successful. It did not attract as much as the previous five episodes of the Transformers series but excellent reviews accompanied by word of mouth sold fans of the film, which allowed Paramount to make a profit. So, on this steam, it was announced that Bumblebee would become a reboot for Transformers narrations some sort of model for future features, to be realized in Bumblebee 2. Speaking to the movie, Di Bonaventura, the producer of the five Transformers films already, has actually confirmed that a sequel to Bumblebee is being made, as we have reported. It is also interesting to note that a film taking place in "the main family series following the events of Transformers: the last knight " is under development.

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We can not tell the bank that the film being developed is entirely an extension from Transformers: The Last Knight . The film can only contain elements, scenarios, characters from the last piece of Transformers, which has already been done in this franchise. Transformers: Age of Extinction 's focus on a group of humans different from that of the original trilogy Transformers . So we already have a precedent to escape a little. That said, there are certainly some outstanding stories from The Last Knight that filmmakers can take for the new image. I think the biggest arc that can extend is the fact that the planet Earth contains Unicron. It would therefore be very easy to explain this theme while introducing new characters into the epic saga of Transformers .

In the general history of The Transformers it does not matter. The Hollywood reason did not have the greatest continuity of a franchise with five films already made. Frankly, these films are everywhere. This might incite fans to give up Paramount in editing several Transformer Scenarios only on the much anticipated prequel Bumblebee .

with Michael Bay at the head of these films, it will be interesting to see if Paramount returns to their original idea of ​​creating a "dark universe" for the Transformers to inhabit. I'm sure that a group of fans will want to see a sequel to The Last Knight with the introduction of the Unicron twist. What the future holds for us, we can only wait to see. This news comes from the Japanese site Cinema.


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