The MCU Is Getting Lazy Again

The Bright First of The Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther Now Look Like a Whole Life Marvel Studios has apparently re-entered the slump that has ruined the "Phase 2" of their very successful franchise. Marvel really should have made a superhero movie directed by a woman a few years ago. Still, they made the mistake of trying to catch up by dealing with Captain Marvel as one of their mediocre superhero films at from the beginning of the decade.

While Captain Marvel certainly had great qualities, but they were not enough to redeem the film as a whole. The film began with a dull first act filled with bland exposures. The second act, by contrast, was certainly the strongest act of the film, completely changing the tones to become more of a mystery X-Files . The mistake made by the film was to respond too early to this "mystery", 20 good minutes before the beginning of the third act of the film. For this reason, the third act lacked any emotional stakes and felt completely predictable in addition to being too long.

Although the film ended up being a fairly decent story of superhero origins, we unfortunately saw the structure. used in the film in almost every other Marvel original movie in the last 11 years. While films like Black Panther and The Guardians of the Galaxy were innovative with their original stories, Captain Marvel ] still looked like another story from Iron Man the twists being identical and almost identical throughout the movie.

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One of the most appealing (and strangely controversial) aspects of Captain Marvel was his inclusion, ultimately giving the MCU a female role of foreground, and this for most of the time, the film was at the height of this hype. Brie Larson described a strong female character, with a strong character flaw and a deep motivation. In the first two acts, Captain Marvel managed the female aspect of the film even better than Wonder Woman . While Wonder Woman regularly had characters who criticized Diana as a woman, Captain Marvel included it only in a few moments of the film, mainly in Carol flashbacks time before becoming a superhero. However, much of this progress was virtually undone in the third act of the film, which featured a fight scene with Captain Marvel on the air of "Just a Girl "from No Doubt. Although the song technically matches the tone of the movie of the '90s, it still felt incredibly out of place and forced, apparently only serving to draw attention to the fact that Captain Marvel is a woman. rather than adding to the fight scene or to his actual character.

Although it was certainly still a progressive scenario drawn from Captain Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp is still quite a bit below "pair" of Marvel Studio from the last two years. Although the film is really good, it's not quite great either, because many of its rhythms (especially in the third act) feel predictable and lazy, simply because we've seen almost everything in the 20 latest movies from Marvel. Captain Marvel is supposed to set a precedent for the Marvel film universe that goes into phase 4, but if the next batch of Marvel films ends up looking like this, it may be difficult for the MCU to survive in the future.


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