The Mysterio Easter Egg Most Fans Totally Missed in Spider-Man: Far from Home

A new mysterious and devious egg was found in Spider-Man: Away from at home . The sequel is set to dominate its second weekend in theaters and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have already begun to participate in the second screening. Regarding MCU's films, Far From Home has enough twists to justify a second viewing to determine whether there were any clues that would have led to the big revelation. There is SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far from Home below, so read at your own risk.

Quentin Beck of Jake Gyllenhaal, aka Mysterio, quickly became a favorite MCU character of the fans. Comic book lovers still knew that he was destined to become Spider-Man's main antagonist: Far From Home but the promotional material of the suite did its best to conceal it. Yet when the big revelation is made, it was always a surprise to many fans sitting in theaters. But, there were clues right in front of our faces that most of us missed. The big problem now is that Beck was spotted much earlier than planned in the movie.

In Venice, Peter Parker wants to locate and buy a Black Dahlia necklace for MJ. All of this is part of his romantic project in Spider-Man: Away from Home . While Parker is on his own in search of the necklace, he is at the center of the scene as other tourists walk around him. An eagle-eyed MCU fan located Quentin Beck spying on Parker during this scene and supported it with evidence. Beck is clearly there, watching Parker before launching Hydro-Man on Venice.

Is the relationship between Mysterio and the mystery of the illusion of the house possible in the real world?

Spider-Man: Away From Home relating to Mysterio and its hologram technology, which is expected to become reality in the next ten years, are more than probably a lot more Marvel Easter eggs. to the futurists. Mysterio has achieved the ultimate illusion when he steered Peter Parker amid the credits and many are wondering what that will mean for the character who evolves in the MCU. One thing is certain: in the future, things will be much more complicated for Parker.

Spider-Man: Far From Home formally concludes Phase 3 of the MCU. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige will appear at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend to discuss the future of the MCU and unveil new surprises. Hall H will be the place where Feige announces the film Black Widow The Eternals Shang-Chi . The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Dr. Strange 2 and Black Panther 2 . There's also Disney + streaming, so Feige will have a lot to say during the Marvel Studio panel. In the meantime, you can check out the Spider-Man: Away from You The Mysterio Easter Egg Below, thanks to Task The Ol's Twitter account Nerdy Bastard.


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