The Predator Co-Writer Also Hates the Super-Suit Ending

The Predator The screenwriter Fred Dekker admits that he’s not the same. he’s not too fond of the predatory killer suit ending. The project was undermined by new shots and last-minute rewrites that ultimately resulted in the screening of a videotape on the big screen, filled with strange editions and unexplained scenes. However, there are still fans of the film, and it was great to watch in the movie theater, even if it does not match the creativity and geniality of the original, which is almost impossible to get anyway.

In a new publication on social networks The Predator The co-author Fred Dekker explained how difficult it was to get the film. Dekker also talked about some of the toxic personalities surrounding the entertainment industry at the moment. In the end, the scriptwriter admits that he had other problems with the finished product. Dekker explains.

“We live in such a cacophonous culture that we sometimes cling to our opinions as the only voice in the din, or we are so married to our childhood memories of things we love so much when the formula is contradicted, some feel betrayed by any attempt to take a different approach.Folly, I have a lot of problems with the movie (I also hate the super-ending ending!) but j & rsquo; Spent three years on it and upset it by toxic fans who do not have the first idea of ​​the difficulty of displaying anything on the screen, eh well … it hurts. “

Bad news travels fast, often much faster than good news these days. The Predator already had the cards stacked, but the new leaks of negative test screenings and negative shots did not help the film. This resulted in a negative stigmatization of the film even before its release, although almost all big budget projects go through the same reshoot process, with rewrites. The first versions of the film contained the Emissary Predators, but they were later written, leaving great gaps in the final cut, especially towards the end.

At the time The Predator was on the big screen, there were three different purposes to choose from. One of them was the end Alien in which Ripley figure in the basket with a mask resembling Facehugger. However, at the last minute, they went with the pursuit of the predatory killer ending alone, which seems to simply come out of nowhere, which is more than likely that the end of Alien also produced.

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In the End, The Predator is a little popcorn movie and it is not going to win Oscars or end up on end – of – year polls from the critics. That said, I hope that some fans who have not seen it will give a chance, despite the negativity that surrounds it, even if the end is not as good as it is. she could have been. You can read more thoughts on the final result on Fred Dekker’s Facebook page.


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