The Rock Declares Victory in Hobbs & Shaw Feud While Calling Out a Particular Clown

Rock finally reacted to Tyrese's last tirade against his Hobbs & Shaw rather cryptically. Their quarrel Fast and Furious has been raging ever since Dwayne Johnson called some of her co-stars as "Candy Asses" on the set of The Fate of the Furious .

After Hobbs and Shaw had one of the smallest openings in the franchise Fast and Furious Tyrese decided to revive the quarrel again, qualifying the failure film. Now, after his second weekend of publication, where he has opened in more territories around the world, The Rock is getting tired and declares his latest film as a box office victory. Meanwhile, he seems to put Tyrese in his place.

"Thank you all for making this exciting first week at the box office with our tiny spin-off @hobbsandshaw Movie # 1 and $ 333 million And, remember, the best way to close the mouth of a [clown] is to flex with success and smile. "

As you can see in the tweet below, The Rock included a Clown emoji that many suspects is supposed to represent Tyrese Gibson, and with good reason. Even before Hobbs & Shaw began shooting last year, the Fast and Furious star complained about the production, claiming that Dwayne Johnson was tearing his family apart on the screen. That broke out in a quarrel between The Rock and Tyrese that seemed to have gone out in the last two months. But when Hobbs and Shaw opened up at a smaller wicket than the previous installments of the Fast franchise he again opposed The Rock. He sent the following on Instagram before deleting it.

"I have to show my respects for one thing … He tried …….. People have treated me hateful .. .. Hobbs & Shaw has l & # 39; Opening the fastest and furiousest box office since the "Tokyo Drift …" Hobbs & Shaw has clearly opened its doors ….. you know what maybe maybe maybe … The Rock and the team will come back to dance with us for # Fast10, we can all congratulate ourselves and come back to give the real fans who have supported this franchise for 20 years what they want … …… do not hate, I'm just pointing out the facts, "continued Gibson, who played Roman Pearce in the long-term franchise. "#FastFamily has more value than the #FastFamily its ok."

Tyrese exists since 2 Fast 2 Furious replacing the original star Vin Diesel, who would not return until the fourth film. Hobbs & Shaw earned only $ 60 million in the United States during his opening weekend, which was a little lower than the previous five Fast previous suites, but not the worst performance of the whole. franchise, including the third tranche Tokyo Drift which raised only $ 23.9 million during its first weekend, but without Vin Diesel, The Rock, Paul Walker or Tyrese in mind.

While Tyrese was quick to call Hobbs & Shaw a box office failure, it was announced early on that the film would open at low altitude, but his legs would remain calm during both last weeks of summer, which turns out to be the truth. The film was number one at the box office for the second consecutive weekend, earning $ 111 in the US and $ 334 million worldwide. And it has not even opened yet in Korea or China, two of the biggest markets in the franchise Fast .

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Tyrese has not yet responded to the taunts of "The Clown" of The Rock, but it is unlikely that the actor will shut up. Tyrese is currently shooting Fast and Furious 9 which does not include, as far as we know, The Rock as Luke Hobbs or Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw, but John Cena to fill the void. You can read The Rock's tweet and the latest Tyrese instagram below.

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