The Rock Says Goodbye to Jumanji 3 Set with Final Video & New Photos

Jumanji 3 finished the shoot, as confirmed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with a last video of the farewell and several images of the cast. The wrestler turned actor had already shared a video of the shoot as the shoot ended, alongside his co-star Kevin Hart. Johnson has now shared a last official photo of everyone who walks in the sunset, and the action icon makes it clear that the production is over and that the sequel is scheduled in theaters later this year .

Dwayne Johnson took advantage of Instagram to share new photos and videos. They present themselves alongside Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan, all of whom return for Jumanji's success story: Welcome to the Jungle. The four are seen wandering, seemingly aimless, across a vast desert landscape. Johnson had this to say in the caption provided with one of the photos.

"And in the desert, our favorite video game avatars go, ladies and gentlemen, here is the official production film of our new Jumanji suite Thank you Thank you to all and all the companies that have dedicated their time and talents to making our film the best possible for our audience, and more importantly, thanks to Jumanji fans around the world for making our franchise a success beyond our wildest dreams. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse aka The Killer of Men, Professor Shelly Oberon and Moose & # 39; I have the magic backpack bitches & # 39; Finbar "

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a relatively rare example of a continuation made for years after its predecessor, which worked very well. The film has swept expectations, both critical and commercial. The sequel to the classic Robin Williams of 1995 brought in $ 962 million worldwide, even against fierce competition from Star Wars: The Last Jedi . Zoolander 2 Anchorman 2 and other more recent attempts have shown that such ventures may have been risky, but it has defied the odds.

Such was the case, Sony was quick to get a suite going. Jake Kasdan, who piloted the previous installment, is back in the director's chair. In addition to the main members of the cast, Colin Hanks, Nick Jonas and Rhys Darby should also resume their roles from the previous movie. The new members of the cast include Awkwafina ( Crazy Rich Asians Ocean & # 39; s 8 ), Danny Devito ( It's always sunny in Philadelphia Dumbo ). Danny Glover ( Mortal Weapon Sorry to have bothered you ).

About: Danny Glover joins Jumanji 3

. the details, for the moment, are kept secret. However, with production now complete and the film ready to arrive before Christmas, we expect to know sooner rather than later. Maybe during the San Diego Comic-Con in July? Maybe a good place to drop a first trailer. Dwayne Johnson had already talked about a potential romantic relationship between Ruby Roundhouse and Smolder Bravestone, aka Martha and Spencer. It will therefore be necessary to see how this develops. Jumanji 3 is due to appear in theaters on December 13. Be sure to check out the new picture from Dwayne Johnson's Instagram account below.

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