The Rock Shares Hilarious Take Down of Hobbs and Shaw Trailer

Dwayne Johnson has already released his own WWE recipe for the Smaceroni salad. So you know that he has a good sense of humor. Last week, he talked a lot about his latest movie, Hobbs & Shaw, which culminated in a big night at the Super Bowl. This latest adventure Fast & Furious propels action to a higher level, and many fans have been amazed to learn that it also introduces super powers into the franchise. Some came to the hard film. But The Rock has a good sense of humor about it.

For example, James Jefferson J published a new self-evident video for the taking of Hobbs and Shaw . And it's absolutely hilarious. Although the clip does not care about The Rock and Jason Statham, and all the business they encounter in this spin-off, Dwayne Johnson has always found it funny. In fact, he loved the burn so much that he now shares it with his fans around the world.

: The trailer for Hobbs & Shaw has arrived, the Fast & Furious spin-off seems crazy ]

James Jefferson J is suing The Rock and Jason Statham for their sense of delusional conduct, wondering who would ever have ensured their dumb asses. He also attacks the new super villain of Idris Elba, Brixton, who shows himself to be bulletproof. The best part of the video comes when James explains how much Idris Elba has messed up by jumping out the window with a white woman: "They killed King Kong for scenes like this. You can not jump out the window without any damn white girl. He will then correctly predict that The Rock will jump out of that window and run after him, wondering how Dwayne Johnson is able to perform these stunts, while Jefferson J can not even tie his shoe without falling. Dwayne Johnson followed suit, offering this return in the direction of JJJ.

"Luv my guy @ Jamesjeffersonj roast.It's a great follower! I'm going to beat that ass with his fallopian tubes while he keeps talking" The movie #HobbsandShaw looks dope ! All kinds of nuts are crazy … "

James would do better to watch him, he could end up in a difficult situation, get some of that Smaceroni salad served, Jefferson J is not the only person who challenged the film Hobbs and Shaw Tyrese was the first to follow The Rock, claiming that this spin-off was taking food directly from his baby's mouth. the trailer fell last week, fans could not believe how exciting it was.Where Will Fast and Furious 9 go after that? Space, maybe an idea

Hobbs and Shaw crushed the Super Bowl yesterday with a new television spot, but it was mostly the trailer, some of the most recent. heading towards the floor of the cutting room Dwayne Johnso n is moving towards the shooting Jumanji 2 in the coming weeks. But he will probably continue to share some exciting excerpts from Hobbs and Shaw before his theatrical release this summer. It looks like The Rock continues to entertain this one.


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