The Role McConaughey Was Born to Play

It was almost seven years since the director Harmony Korine launched Spring Breakers on the world. While this film remains a source of discord between love and hate, many eagerly awaited his follow-up, especially after discovering that this would imply that Matthew McConaughey plays the role of an exhausted stoner who spends time with Snoop Dogg. This follow-up has finally arrived and is called The Beach Bum which, besides constituting many other things, is perhaps the ultimate parody comedy for the Modern era.

The Beach Bum operates with a premise of deceptive simplicity. Moondog (Matthew McConaughey) is a great poet who leads a carefree leisure life with his beautiful and rich wife, his big house, his cool cars and access to all the pleasures of life at his fingertips. Moondog has survived until something happens that forces him to reassess his situation. This leads him on a journey where he meets various characters who learn from the experience of Moondog. This happy writer, even in the face of tragedy, must find the way to grace in more ways than one.

This is definitely a film directed by Harmony Korine, even though it's decidedly very different from his previous work. . For those who may not have seen Spring Breakers he owns his signature punk rock, casual approach, with a layer of glamor and hyperrealism stuck on the water. ;together. In this case, this case surrounds a stoner comedy that follows a brilliant man who leads a horribly unhealthy lifestyle and who is empowered by those who surround him because he is sympathetic, caring and, at times, a genius.

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Often when we look at a figure like Moondog within the limits of & # 39; 39, a movie, there is a lesson to be learned. A kind of tragedy about the man who could be trapped is his own bad habit. In this case, while tragedy certainly has its place in the great story, Moondog really manages to maintain his happy nature and escapes the consequences of his actions for the most part. In this way, it is quite possible that it becomes a terrible model for a new generation of people who maybe like a little too weeds and partying.

This is not a shock. Frankly, the comedy and the heart that this film has to offer are all the more effective. Harmony Korine chose not to make it a lugubrious and cautious account. Instead, he made a fun movie for the purpose of escape that maintains his integrity as an artist. Simply and simply.

The actors are rounded by Snoop Dogg, Fisher Isla, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence and, yes, Jimmy Buffett, all of whom have their small role to play in Moondog's life. But really, it's the show of Matthew McConaughey. It is so easy to forget how uninteresting this man's career was 10 years ago. Then he had one of the most incredible resurgences and reinventions of his recent memory, with incredible turning points in projects such as True Detective Mud and Dallas Buyers Club . Yet here he plays a man who feels that the comic version of McConaughey has been animated, intensified and relaxed. For better or for worse (and I would argue for the better), it's the role for which he was born. As stupid as it may seem at times, it's a brave, surprisingly complex and complex role that he was literally the only one able to play.

It may be a very commonplace thing to say that this film is not suitable for everyone, but it is not. The absurd humor and laxity can be daunting for some viewers. And that's good, just know that you are entering. But for those who can stay, it's finally more than a note of a note that lasts 90 minutes. It's a hilarious and touching lesson about the beauty of irresponsibility (from a certain point of view) and about living life to the fullest. The neon is expected to come out The Beach Bum in theaters on March 29.


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