The Street Fighter Trilogy Gets an All-New 2K Collection with Fresh Special Features

Shout Select will broadcast The Street Fighter Collection for the first time on Blu-ray on March 26, 2019. This set is packed and contains the three films Street Fighter with uncut versions, new 2K scans of the original movie elements and the bonuses, including new interviews with star Sonny Chiba and filmmaker Jack Sholder.

Meet the most wicked and deadly karate master who has ever dominated the streets. It's Sonny Chiba ( Kill Bill Fasting and Furious: Tokyo Drift ), one of the greatest martial arts actors to have set aflame on the screen. In The Street Fighter Chiba plays the role of Terry Tsurugi, a mercenary hired by the yakuza and mafia to kidnap a wealthy heiress, but he is not paid. a violent confrontation will ensue. Chiba is back in Return Of The Street Fighter . This time, Tsurugi is hired by the crowd to kill two informants, but when he realizes that one of them is an old friend, he refuses and that is now he who is hunted down. When Tsurugi is overtaken by the Ôwada clan, he takes off with something they want in The Street Fighter Last Last Revenge. Soon, he is pursued by a group of murderous killers.

Sonny Chiba was one of the first actors to become a star thanks to his talent as a martial artist. He has earned black belts in many Japanese martial arts disciplines and has studied Kyokushinkai Karate with Masaratsu Mas "Mas" Oyama, master of world karate. His incredible talent in this brutal and brutal art is presented to perfection in the series of blockbuster films in the trilogy Street Fighter .

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  • · NEW 2K Sweeping Original American Cutting Film Elements and HD Inserts
  • · Two English Tweets – The Theatrical Duet and the New Home Video Line dub
  • · NEW Street Fighting Man – An Interview with the Star Sonny China
  • · NEW Cutting Moments – The Street Fighter Trailer – Interview of Jack Shoulder Filmmaker
  • · American theatrical trailer
  • · Japanese theatrical trailer
  • · Still from the gallery
  • NEW 2K Scan original film elements from the American Cup and Inserts HD (Uncut Version)
  • · American Trailer
  • · American Theatrical Trailer
  • · Japanese Theatrical Trailer
  • · Still Image Gallery
  • · Uncut and Cut-Out Version in the United States
  • · NEW 2K Scanning original film elements from the cutout in the United States
  • ]

  • · NEW 2K Scan original film elements from the American version with standard definition inserts from the original Japanese version
  • American Theatrical Trailer
  • · Japanese Theatrical Trailer
  • · Still Gallery

Fans Can Preorder Trilogy Street Fighter now on shou

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