The Suicide Squad First Look at Cast in Costume, Character Names Revealed?

Filtered images of James Gunn The Suicide Squad were found online. The director has been teasing the film for months and we are finally looking at new heroes. However, according to Gunn, not all the new characters will come out alive from the movie. It makes sense when you look at the title of the project, but many are wondering which characters will be the winners when all the dust disappears.

Nathan Fillion, Pete Davidson, Flula Borg, Mayling Ng and Sean Gunn all present in the last image of The Suicide Squad . Captain Boomerang of Jai Courtney is also present in the photo. Although we do not know who plays a lot of these actors, they may not play an important role in the big project. James Gunn said all members of the group will not have the chance to survive before the credits.

Sean Gunn is shown dressed in an animated motion capture outfit, so it is thought that he will face a synthetic film. character for The Suicide Brigade . Nathan Fillion could be Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, about whom we've been talking for some time now, or Blackguard. Pete Davidson could be Scholar, while Flula Borg seems to be Javelin and Mayling Ng seems to play Mongal. These are just speculations, but the pictures give us a better idea of ​​what James Gunn wants to do with his first project DC and Warner Bros.

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Captain Boomerang by Jai Courtney seems to have a softer look for The Suicide Squad . As for Sean Gunn, several reports suggest that he will play at Weasel. Everything is new and exciting for James Gunn, who has a habit of working within the Marvel film universe. Fans are excited to see Gunn grow with a new franchise and different characters. Many hope that the director will manage to integrate some of the emotional aspects of the franchise The Guardians of the galaxy to The Suicide Squad .

. ] James Gunn was fired by Disney last year, to be rehired less than a year later. Within this period, the director signed to take The Suicide Squad . David Ayer was behind the camera for the first opus and, although his character rendition was a box-office success, it was not a critical success at all. DC fans are not happy with the way the movie supports the characters and many are disappointed to see Jared Leto's Joker character reduced to a few scenes after he's been the main villain to have been announced. You can see the first images of James Gunn The Suicide Squad below, thanks to Just Jared.


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