This Latest MIB Alien Adventure Fizzles

Men In Black: International takes the franchise to Europe in a slow sequel. There are touches of smart humor, but the chemistry between the tracks falls flat. This is a totally unexpected flaw. The co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson were an affable pair in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame . It would have been prudent to see the good vibrations continue here. This is not the case at all. They are strangely clumsy and forced into their performances. This is a defect too big to overcome with a history of retreading. From the first movie, several plot points were drawn.

A young girl secretly attends an extraterrestrial meeting in New York. She grew fascinated by the mysterious Men in Black who concealed the event. She gives up any personal connection in life with her research. Years of stress relate in another bizarre experience. She was brought to Officer O (Emma Thompson), who is intrigued by her brave enthusiasm. Agent M (Tessa Thompson) begins her probationary assessment as a highly secretive foreign police officer. She will have to get the right to wear a neuralyzer.

The first assignment of Agent M takes place at the office of Men in Black in London as an analyst. The UK's chief agent (Liam Neeson) is exhausted. Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) pushed his reckless behavior too far. Agent M is critical, but falls in love with the handsome and mischievous thug. Men in black .

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Let's start with the most entertaining. Pawny (Kumail Nanjiani), a character the size of a chess piece, provides the majority of laughs. He professes insults at Agent H throughout the film. These beards pick up the tempo when the long developing plot collapses. The character is hilarious, but looks like a cartoon that hangs in the officer's pocket. It's the good extraterrestrial quirk that every delivery has delivered up to now. Frank (Tim Blaney), irascible Pug, makes a brief appearance.

The choice to turn Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson into almost romantic flames. Their wooden interaction exacerbates the lack of attraction. Both actors are never comfortable with their characters or one with the other. The series Men in Black was largely successful because of the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Hemsworth and Thompson look like they are looking for air. It's a confusing development after the previous success as a Marvel superhero. This film is certainly not Thor and Valkyrie who are fighting against an alien threat. It would have been better.

Director F. Gary Gray ( The Fate of the Furious Hetero Outta Compton was a classic choice.It does not have the unusual sensitivity of Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the previous films of Men in Black . Perhaps his approach with Hemsworth and Thompson had not reconciled their strengths.The novel aspect never won The result is laborious and almost unforgettable with some big laughs Men in Black: International is produced by Columbia Pictures and Amblin Entertainment and distributed by Sony Pictures.

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