Tim Robbins Fondly Remembers Howard the Duck as First Marvel Universe Movie

The Howard the Duck Is it the first Marvel Cinematic Universe project? Tim Robbins was in the movie and he thinks that's the case. The film is often put aside and forgotten, but it's a cult classic with a ton of fans nowadays. Part of the praise comes from the director Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn, who has integrated the pop culture icon into his films and introduced him to the Marvel film universe .

Tim Robbins was in 1986 Howard the Duck and believes that the film should attract more attention nowadays. The character is from Marvel Comics, but many people did not think about it when the movie that split the movies was staged in the mid-1980s. Robbins still believes in the project and thinks it's started something much bigger. He explains.

"To be honest, I think this movie has a lot of lovely things." George Lucas had just done Star Wars it was a lot of money, it was about I think it's really great! "

Howard the Duck was not a one-stop shop. success and it's not at all a hit with critics. The film has nothing to do with comic book sources and some fans have been disappointed with this aspect. That said, many MCU fans are hoping that James Gunn will do more with the character on the big screen. Gunn included the now iconic character in the two episodes of The Guardians of the Galaxy and fans question his future.

While James Gunn might not do much with Howard the Duck HULU is working on an animated series. The release date has not yet been set, but director / scriptwriter Kevin Smith is ready to bring the project to life and fans are eagerly awaiting what he can bring to the character. Howard the Duck and many believe that the new HULU series will shed some light on this fascinating character.

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Howard the Duck is an incredibly film strange, but this is not the case much to do with comics. At first, the fans were not really interested in the adaptation on the big screen, but this one has since become a favorite of the sect. James Gunn will not be the only one to release the character, but it's the big screen that attracts the most attention. Most MCU fans do not even know that he took part in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, but he was there and ready to defeat Mad Titan. Did he contribute a lot to this final battle? We do not know, but he was definitely involved to work his muscles and scare Thanos. The interview with Tim Robbins was originally done by Yahoo.


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