Tom Hanks Wanted as Colonel Tom Parker in New Elvis Biopic

It seems that Tom Hanks' next role will be Elvis The legendary Presley manager, Colonel Tom Parker The actor is currently in talks with Baz Luhrmann to join the cast of his upcoming film Elvis . The details are rare at the moment, but it is thought that the director is looking for a young and unknown actor to assume the lead role, with the aim of starting production by the end of the year. Luhrmann directs the biopic from a screenplay written by Craig Pearce and himself.

This is not the first time Tom Hanks has played a role in the music business for a movie. He played White, a fictional man from Playtone Records, in 1996 in That Thing You Do! Regarding the role of a real character, Hanks tackled this problem on many occasions during his long and recent career. played Mr. Rogers in the next film A beautiful day in the neighborhood . That said, assuming the role of Colonel Tom Parker could be a pretty interesting task for the actor.

While Colonel Tom Parker was responsible for Elvis Presley's first success, he was also a very controversial figure. It will be interesting to see how Baz Luhrmann tackles some of the most colorful moments of the king's career in the film Elvis . It is notorious that Parker took half of Presley's revenue, which is much talked about in pop culture when directors are seen ripping off customers. Parker sold the rights to Presley's music after his death, which was and still is considered a huge financial mistake. Parker then bet at least 25% of Presley's estate, with some estimates even going up to 50%.

The Next Jewel of Baz Luhrmann Elvis The first time an actor played Colonel Tom Parker on the screen. Pat Hingle, Hugh Gillin, Beau Bridges, Randy Quaid, Gene Jones and Billy Gardell all played Parker roles in television projects over the years. Quaid has been nominated for a Golden Globe, an Emmy Award and a Satellite Award for best supporting role in a miniseries or film for his performance in the CBS miniseries Elvis . Colonel Tom Parker is also very involved in pop culture.

Tom Hanks will certainly have some work to do when the time comes. The biopic Elvis will go far in the life of the king of rock'n'roll, but there is enough material to make at least two films. The biopic is very popular these days with the success of Bohemian Rhapsody and to a lesser extent, the story of Motely Crue The Dirt on Netflix. That said, it's not really bigger than Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, so this biopic is sure to be a big deal when it arrives. This story was first reported by Variety.


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