Tom Hardy Is Wolverine in Latest X-Men Fan Art

It only remains a matter of time before the X-Men shows up in the # 39, Marvel Cinematic universe, and some fans want it. Tom Hardy as Wolverine. It is in this spirit that digital artist Ryan Chadeayne created an interesting fan art illustrating Hardy in the classic Wolverine costume. Of course, most of us probably know better Hardy than Eddie Brock in the hit movie Venom but the actor has not yet figured in the MCU. Noting in the caption that it is very unlikely that a casting choice will occur, Chadeayne posted Hardy's fan art in Logan on Instagram and you can read it below.

Hardy's name is just one of the many candidates that fans speculated about seeing the next Wolverine. Rumor has it that Rocketman star Taret Egerton would be in the running for the role, and although the fans reacted positively to the idea, Egerton said he had not had any discussion at that time. subject with Marvel. There has also been Keanu Reeves' fan art portraying Logan, the popular actor being another major Hollywood actor who has not yet penetrated the MCU. This week it was also reported that Kit Harrington star Game of Thrones was looking for a role in the MCU, and some fans have already wondered if he would be the next actor to brandish the # 39; adamantine. Claws

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The door opened so that the MCU could finally bring the X-Men following the film and critical failure of Dark Phoenix . Its box-office shortcomings officially ended Fox's franchise X-Men as we knew it, for better or for worse. Kevin Feige has since confirmed his intention to incorporate the characters in the MCU, although he hinted that we could see them for a long time. However, now that the loss of Spider-Man is creating a huge gulf in MCU projects, we could end up seeing Logan and his friends join the ranks as soon as possible.

As for Hardy, it seems unlikely that he will be designated as the next Wolverine, even though strange events have occurred. However, we will certainly see him again in the role of Eddie Brock. When he played in Venom last year, the film was a resounding success, totaling over $ 856 million at the box office. Clearly, the film was a hit with fans, despite an unimpressive critical reception. Naturally, Sony chose to ride with her and signed on Hardy for two other films Venom . The production has since begun on Venom 2 with Andy Serkis at the director's chair and the planned sequel is expected to come out on October 2, 2020.

Of course, no one will ever be able to replace Hugh Jackman. like Wolverine, but I hope that the next actor who will embody the character will play a show just as memorable in his own way. In any case, it will be very exciting once Logan makes his long awaited debut in the MCU, no matter who plays it. The fan art of Hardy as Wolverine comes from on Instagram.

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