Tom Holland Reunites with Endgame Directors for Cherry

Tom Holland should play in the next film of the brothers Russo Cherry . Fortunately for the duo of directors, the film is based on a book already released. Holland can not ruin everything for the general public. Holland is starring in what will be Russo's first film post-Marvel Studios and will see the actor play a rather different role from the iconic Peter Parker, which should be interesting to watch.

] The Russo brothers' AGBO production company acquired the rights to Nico Walker's novel Cherry over the summer after a fairly bidding war fierce. The two brothers should complete the screenplay after a screenplay by Jessica Goldberg, who had previously adapted the novel Exit West for AGBO. Cherry should start shooting this summer, although there is no other detail on the project with respect to other actors or when the film might see the day. With production starting this summer, we could easily see the movies coming out in theaters next summer or next fall.

Cherry is a fascinating story based on Nico Walker's true experience. At the age of 19, Walker enlisted in the United States Army and served in Iraq as a doctor for 11 months. Walker wanted his service in Iraq to be as realistic and realistic as possible. Some of the things that he saw and done there are unspeakable, and he went home with what a forensic psychiatrist called the worst post-traumatic stress disorder that he had never seen. However, his diagnosis was not established until later.

After spending nearly a year in Iraq and being very confused, it is the least that one can say, Nico Walker has been drugged. With his opioid addiction raging and his money running out quickly, Walker had to find a quick fix. In real life, Walker started robbing banks and carried out 10 burglaries in four months before being arrested and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Although the book is largely fiction, it is based on Walker's life and Tom Holland will play it in Cherry . Walker currently has more than 2 years to his trouble.

Although this has not been confirmed, it is believed that Tom Holland will soon be seen on the big screen in by Avengers: Endgame . It's a mystery for now, but Peter Parker was decimated at the end of Infinity War and we think he'll come back, especially since he's Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters this summer. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are still tweaking Endgame although they have a lock lock that satisfies them at the present time. Variety was the first to announce that Tom Holland and the Russo brothers were reunited for Cherry .


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