Tremors 7 Ropes in Napoleon Dynamite Star Jon Heder

Tremors 7 has just added dynamite to his cast. First of all, yes, for those who may not have heard, a seventh installment of the long-term franchise is about to start. Franchise star Michael Gross is back in the role of Burt Gummer, who loves guns, in what is officially titled Tremors: Island Fury. He will be joined by Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder.

Michael Gross is present in all Tremors' films, as well as in the television series. Recently, he shared updates about the next episode and he recently made the amazing casting announcement on Instagram sharing pictures of the cast with Jon Heder among them. The post has been shared with the following caption.

"The cast of #tremors seven !!!"

Richard Brake, Caroline Langrishe, Jackie Cruz and Cassie Clare will also be part of the cast. , Sahajak Boonthanakit, Matthew Douglas, Randy Kalsi, Bear Williams, David Assavanon, Boonma Lamphon, Aukrawut Rojaunawat, Owen Macrae, Iris Park and Mikey Black. An important element to note is that Jamie Kennedy, who played the role of Burt's son in the past two quarters, Bloodlines and A cold day in hell will not return. But the real headline here is Jon Heder, the actor having not done as much extensive work in front of the screen on the screen in recent years, basically staying true to the work at the voice. And that certainly makes an interesting choice.

Jon Heder exploded as main character in Napoleon Dynamite . The $ 400,000 independent comedy brought in $ 46 million at the box office, making it a resounding success. Heder then starred in a series of great comedies such as The Benchwarmers Blade's of Glory and Mama's Boy . This will be Heder's first true foray into the world of horror, unless you count The Sasquatch Band The Ghost Team or His Vocal Work in ] Monster House and so on. will probably be interesting to see how it is used. It should be noted that he played a zombie hero in the television series Woke Up Dead and that he himself appeared on the television program Dead Grandma .

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No character details were provided for new additions yet. Regarding the details of the plot, Tremors 7 will focus on Graboids smuggled into a new seaside resort by a rich playboy looking for a hunt. trophy. Considering it's the seventh film in the series, it's pretty amazing that they have not yet thought about making a "most dangerous game". But better late than never for the old Burt Gummer.

Tremors was released in 1990 and stars Kevin Bacon in the lead role. A small desert city of Perfection is terrorized by giant, deadly worms that hide under the sand. The film was a modest success, but appreciated and spawned a series of sequels over the years. SyFy recently tried to make a new series that would have brought Bacon back into the fold, but only one pilot was killed and the film was never released. Tremors: Island Fury is coming soon to Thailand, but no release date has yet been set. We will keep you informed as soon as further details become available. Do not forget to check out the message of Michael Gross & # 39; Instagram.

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