Trump Calls Out Spike Lee’s Oscars Speech as a Racist Hit on the President

Spike Lee urged voters to choose between love and hate during his BlacKKKlansman ] Speech of acceptance of the Oscars. President Donald Trump did not appreciate Lee's speech and called it a "racist hit" to his presidency during his Monday morning Twitter session. The often-controversial director took his time on the Oscar stage in front of millions of people to talk about the 2020 presidential race. He had this to say.

"When we recover our humanity, it will be a momentous moment, the 2020 election is upon us – let's mobilize all of us and be on the right side of history. Love against hatred. "

Donald Trump took Spike Lee's speech as a direct attack and criticized the director on Twitter. Lee is a very virulent critic of Trump, whom he often calls "Agent Orange." So it makes sense that the president is more than a little upset. However, Lee never mentioned his name. You can read Trump's answer below.

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"Be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes, or better yet, he must use notes to make his racist hit your president, who did more for African Americans (reform of criminal justice, the lowest unemployment rate in history, tax cuts, etc.) that almost every other meadow! "

Spike Lee finally won an Oscar for his writing work on BlacKkKlansman after years of appointments. He had already won the Academy's honor award in 2016. So it was a great victory for the writer / director. That said, people would not expect anything from Lee when he decided to kiss Donald Trump during his speech. BlacKkKlansman links the film's story to the film's Ku Klux Klan and brings it into the present tense with Trump and his administration.

Donald Trump did not take an instant stance during Charlottesville. attack and said that there were "very good people on both sides." Many took this statement to mean that Trump supported the white nationalists. The president then said: "The press treated them in an absolutely unfair manner", while attacking violent members of the left. It was a decisive moment in his presidency and images of the riot were used in Spike Lee BlacKkKlansman who was enrolled in the scenario just after the director had seen the footage on television. ]

Spike Lee's acceptance speech at the Oscars was applauded by those present at Dolby Theater. However, shortly thereafter, the director was not happy with Green Book's Best Picture Award and was seen leaving the ceremony. He found himself in his seat where he had a discussion with Jordan Peele. After the show, Lee was not shy with his dissatisfaction with the Academy's decision to award the best film to a film that many viewed as controversial, including Lee. The director has not yet replied to the president's tweet. You can read the President's response to Spike Lee's speech below, thanks to Donald Trump's Twitter account.


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