Unused Infinity War Concept Art Shows a Much Different Ebony Maw

The original concept art of Infinity War presented a much different view on Ebony Maw. The epic film group featured a ton of our favorite heroes from Marvel Cinematic Universe and introduced us to some pretty intense villains with Thanos’s Black Order, who were looking for Infinity Stones. Ebony Maw was the scariest of all the group. He was not the tallest or the ugliest, but he was the calmest and most scary of the whole gang. In addition, his voice adds to his sinister atmosphere and completes the ensemble.

The Marvel Studios concept artist, Jerad Marantz, shared his original creations for Ebony Maw on social media. The face was very different from what was ending up on the big screen, looking more human / zombie than terrifying Squidward. The villain had a little more hair on his head and his outfit was brighter than that of an astronaut. His clothes were also very tight and fitted. Ebony Maw’s version of Marantz looks a little more like comics mixed with the way it was found in the final montage of Infinity War .

In the end, it’s the design of Ryan Meinerding that Marvel Studios have chosen to go with. Meinerding’s design is clearly closer to what the Russo brothers had in mind when they imagined Ebony Maw, who was proposing more of a royal-like-looking costume with flatter features on his face. The final design shows more than thinning hair that gives the Black Order villain a much older look than in the unused concept. It’s always interesting to see how the characters start looking in the development process and then what is the end product.

Ebony Maw did not survive his encounter with Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, although he did. almost kill strange. That’s the idea of ​​Peter Parker who led to the death of the villain after being sucked into space, an idea that Parker got from 1986 Aliens . Although the time spent on screen by Ebony Maw has been shortened, it has left a fairly important mark in the Marvel film universe. As to whether we will see him again or not for Avengers: Endgame this is still a mystery.

If Ebony Maw and the rest of the black order come back for Avengers: Endgame this will make things even more difficult for the Avengers. If some of the decimated heroes come back, why could the Black Order not? Again, all this remains a mystery and it will remain so until the release of the film early next year. Some MCU fans probably would not mind that Ebony Maw still backs up Thanos, while others are happy that he did not survive the war Infinity War . You can see the original drawing of Ebony Maw and see how much it has changed below, thanks to the Instagram account of Jerad Marantz.



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