Want to Binge 13 Stephen King Horror Movies Before Halloween and Earn $1,300?

All horror fans, especially the big fans of Stephen King, who are looking to earn a little more money in this Halloween season will want to pay attention. Dish, a satellite TV company based in the United States, is looking for 13 Stephen King movies in a row to document his experience. This person, for his problems, will be rewarded, inter alia, by a sum of 1300 dollars.

Anyone wishing to apply for the position is free to do so. A simple registration form must be completed and, in 200 words or less, the applicant must explain why it should be selected. The winner will have to document the complete experience. Their heart rate, jump fears, which have joined the experience, general thoughts. All. Dish even provides a worksheet to make sure the basics are covered. Here's what they're looking for on the official contest webpage.

"The ideal candidate should be thorough enough to follow his experience.They can even share their fears on social media and vlog whenever they wish.No degree is required , no drug test or background check is done, however, applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and be a US citizen or permanent resident to apply, tell us why you are the ideal victim. and what you hope to gain from this experience (aside from the $ 1,300, of course), and that dream or nightmare, the work could be yours! "

More than 50 works by Stephen King have been turned into movies over the years. Dish has reduced the list to 13 for the needs of this business. The list includes Carrie (original or remake), Children of corn Christine of the creepshow of of ] Dreamcatcher IT (original or remake), The Mist Domestic Pet Seminar (original or remake), The Salem Lot ] The brilliant Diluent and The misery . Dish will allow the chosen person to access the 13 movies just to make things easier and more convenient.

Stephen King is considered since very early in his career as a master of horror and he has conquered. virtually all media available. In recent years, the brand very much in demand, thanks to the success of IT become the horror film that has the biggest turnover so far, and now IT Chapter Two which is also raking in the dough. As such, this contest makes a lot of sense.

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Dish, in In addition to the money , throws a flashlight, a blanket, popcorn, sweets, Stephen King paraphernalia and a Fitbit to track the winner's heartbeat during the experience, as well as a room gift card. cinema, which she recommends using to see IT Chapter Two or the sequel to The Shining Dr. Sleep . This is in addition to the $ 1,300 in cash. Those who wish to apply can do so by visiting USDish.com.


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