Watch Pet Sematary Remake Alternate Ending That Reveals New Fate for the Creeds

This week's home movie film Pet Sematary will include an end alternative somehow even darker than that shown in theaters. Directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, the film was written by Jeff Buhler. This is the second film adaptation of Stephen King's eponymous novel, which has many similarities but also some essential differences. What happens in the end is very different from the 1989 film and the book on which they rest, but it's a series of incredibly dark events. Nevertheless, the alternative end is probably even more disturbing.

In the film, Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) and his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz), his daughter Ellie (Thrown Laurence) and his son Gage (twins Hugo and Lucas Lavoie) and their domestic cat at their new family home in Ludlow, Maine. Louis becomes friends with his crisp neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), who develops a bond with the family. When Church is hit by a car, Jud and Louis bury the cat in a mysterious burial place, reputed to bring those who are buried there to life. The cat comes back, but is no longer the sweet feline friend that he was. Things only got worse when Ellie was killed by a truck shortly after, when Louis's broken heart decided to bring back his baby girl with appalling results.

In the Theatrical Cup of Semaire Louis successfully resurrects Ellie, who is now a much more sinister version of his old self. The little girl murdered Jud before stabbing her own mother, letting her bleed. Ellie also stuns Louis, while he buries his mother in the cemetery. When Louis comes to, he then realizes how things have become disastrous and is trying to kill the undead Ellie. However, a resurrected Rachel impales her with a wind vane, killing him and burying him too. The film ends with Louis, Rachel and Ellie all coming down on the car awaited by the poor young Gage, who should soon meet the same fate as his family.

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The Pet Sematary ending in the Personal video version will present things a little differently. As in the theatrical cut, Ellie stabs her mother and drags her to the cemetery, leading to a fight between the girl and Louis. The scene then interrupts when Rachel wakes up and Louis comforts her by telling her that everything is going to be okay. When the camera slowly peels off, we can see that Rachel is lying in a funeral plot while she continues to bleed. Clearly, Louis will bring her back after his death, despite his weak arguments that he will not repeat it. "We will all be a family again," Louis said as Ellie approached with a shovel.

Pet Sematary will be officially released on June 25 on Digital, followed by DVD and Blu-ray. The last end will be one of the many deleted scenes found in special functions. So, anyone looking for more content in the horror movie will certainly want to consult it. This information comes to us from EW.


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