Weird Elm Street Meets E.T. Mashup Turns Freddy Into an Extra-Terrestrial

A new mashup video combines Steven Spielberg’s brilliance of AND with the classic from the horror of Wes Craven A nightmare on Elm Street to offer something exceptional. These two films, in very different ways, are certifiable classics of the 80s in their own right. The first is one of the most beautiful works of one of the most respected movie directors, while the other is the result of a horror icon that is still part of the pop culture landscape. So what happens when two diametrically opposed objects such as these are thrown together in a mixer? This video provides an answer.

The result is entitled ETK: The alien Krueger as he replaces the main character of AND the alien favorable to the idea of ​​making Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) an alien of space, as opposed to a former pervert killed by a small town and coming back from the dead haunt the nightmares of many teenagers. The video, at first, attempts to transform with some firmness E.T. in a horror film putting Krueger in the center. And it works pretty well. But about halfway through, they embrace the ridiculous premise and this turns into a complete joke, with some pretty decent gags, such as Freddy saying “Elliot” repeatedly and Elliot calling him for jettisoning a bomb F. The video establishes the places with a fairly simple line.

“Every child wants a foreign animal, but what if that foreign animal was a nightmare?”

One of the most surprising elements of this mashup is how well, just presented in a slightly different context, so much of AND works as a horror film . Again, many people who grew up with the movie will surely tell you that it scared them when they were younger. Freddy Krueger has spent a good deal of his time playing, so the fact that his comedian work is not so shocking may not be so shocking.

As for the possibility of seeing something new and official in the world of any of these franchises? With E.T. Drew Barrymore, who starred in the film, said last year that there would never be a sequel to it. So, unless J. J. Abrams throws us all a ball and brings back the foreign race of AND in Star Wars 9 nothing happens on this front.

AND An Almost Different End

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a very different story. Aquaman and The Conjuring 2 writer David Leslie Johnson} are still working on the restart, but we do not know when this project will take shape. And Robert Englund donned Freddy’s costume one last time for The Goldbergs Special Halloween last year. For the moment, this mashup will have to do. Do not forget to check out the YouTube Space Taste channel below.


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