What Happened to Hulk & Black Widow’s Relationship in Avengers: Endgame?

One of the many reproaches that fans have had with . [Avengers: Endgame]. According to the war the two-voice couple virtually abandoned the nascent relationship evoked in previous MCU films between Bruce Banner and Black Widow. For a minute, it seemed that they might be getting by. But nothing ever came of all this flirtation, and the idea was completely ignored in the last sequel, while Bruce used elements of his alter ego to become what some people call Smart Hulk. So, what happened exactly?

The erosion of love feelings between Natasha and Bruce has never been fully explained, and the relationship was anything but a mystery wrapped up in an enigma that would never be satisfied nor favored by the future death films of Black Widow on Vormir. There was definitely a romantic subplot shared by the characters of Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson.

Age of Ultron found Bruce and Natasha getting very comfortable with each other. Maybe they would be the perfect MCU couple? But as fate would have it, Banner Hulked left and took off his spaceship for unknown ports. And that's where their flirtation ends. As we now know, Hulk landed in Sakaar to become a gladiator, where he later joined the old friend Thor at Ragnarok.

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When Black Widow and Hulk meet for the first time since what seems to be years of Avengers: Infinity War their feelings for each other are not taken into account and all this idea seems to be dismissed as and as they move in different directions, while continuing to work as a team. So, why did Marvel abandon this fledgling love story? Co-author Stephen McFeely is now interested in the missing subplot.

"We certainly tried [to continue the story]. In Infinity War we had scenes – we wrote them, we filmed them – of their kind C" was "You went away, I've spent, "that sort of thing.But it became very clear that, if a scene was not in the" scenario A ", it would not survive until the end of the war of Infinity … "

So, basically, too much happened between The war of infinity and The final phase did not allow to conclude this plot which at one point seemed to be boiling over to something more important. Even at over three hours, Endgame did not find the time to even manage this declining relationship with a line or joke to throw. There was no room for that.

"This thing had to be on track just to get to the finish line, you could not wrap the loose wires just because you wanted to."

Although Black Widow died on Vormir by sacrificing himself for the Stone of Souls, the first series of photographs of the film Black Widow surfaced and some fans asked questions. Has she been resuscitated? Why does not it really look like a prequel? Does Natasha carry a stone of infinity? Does she attend her own funeral? These questions will surely be answered next year. Maybe she can find time for a little novel. Hulk is not yet finished with the MCU, and Bruce Banner is one of the original Avengers. We do not know where Mark Ruffalo will show up again. But that may be it. Marvel plans to announce some, if not all, of its MCU Phase 4 plans at the Disney's D23 grand weekend in August. Maybe learn more at that time. This latest information was posted on the Empire podcast.


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