What Is Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Marvel Movie in the MCU?

Quentin Tarantino chose his favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. The director of Pulp Fiction is a fan of comics, but he admits to having fallen a little in recent years. That said, he returns to watch MCU's four years of cinema and can already say that he has a favorite among those he's seen so far. Tarantino is currently preparing the release of his highly anticipated Once upon a time in Hollywood this summer.

Once upon a time in Hollywood was taking a lot of Quentin The free time of Tarantino in recent years. By developing and writing the script, turning the film, and editing, the director did not have much time for anything else. That being said, he is eager to see Avengers: Endgame and returns to see some of the latest titles and discover a new favorite. He explains.

"I do not know about it for four years, I suppose, I think the only cartoon movies I saw last year at the movies were Wonder Woman and Black Panther But about two weeks ago, I started catching some of the Marvel films so I could go to Endgame . Finish America: Civil War So Next Step: Dr. Strange … the last one I saw was Thor: Ragnarok It was my favorite of the series since The Avengers – Radically my favorite. "

Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok ] is the movie that changed everything for Thor's character. Chris Hemsworth admits that he had finished playing The God of Thunder after the second installment, but he was reinvigorated by working with Waititi on the collaborative set. Thor is a very different character nowadays and everything goes back to Ragnarok and to the work that then reconstituted the character.

Thor: Ragnarok is a bit outlandish in the MCU, but he is incredibly well done and handles humor very well with the serious side of things . In other words, it's almost a perfect adaptation of comics. There is a reason why a director like Quentin Tarantino gravitates around him and this is largely due to the changes made by Taika Waititi and the decision of Marvels Studios to trust his instinct.

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Once upon a time in Hollywood theatrical next month, so Quentin Tarantino should have time to see all the rest of his missing MCU installments during trips to press. One must ask if Thor: Ragnarok will still be his favorite after seeing everything. We will have to make sure to ask him the question later, once the dust settles. The Tarantino interview was originally conducted by Empire Magazine.


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