Which 4 Oscars Will Be Presented During the Commercial Breaks?

The Academy will not present four categories live during the broadcast of this year's Oscars and the awards handed out during commercial breaks have been revealed. Cinematography, editing, live-action, make-up and hairstyle will all be rewarded during commercial breaks. Acceptance speeches will be broadcast later during the broadcast.

This news was revealed by at the Oscars by a message sent by President John Bailey. was sent to the members. Apparently, 6 of the 17 sections of the Academy have offered to receive their respective awards during commercial breaks. Four were then selected from this group. Bailey had this to say in the e-mail.

"With the help of our ABC partners, we will also broadcast these four awards online to our international fans, so that they can enjoy, live, With our audience, being able to watch on Oscar.com and on the Academy's social channels, the live stream is a first for our show and will help raise awareness of these award categories and promote them.

These categories are therefore not to be totally snubbed, at least. This is due to the length of the television broadcast and the decline of the classification service in recent years. It is clear that the importance is at the center of the 91st Oscars. But with the five nominees for the best original song performed at the show, and 20 additional categories to present, something had to give. Bailey said in his email that the show had to evolve to remain relevant in the modern media landscape.

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"Oscars Watch Models Evolving Fast in our current multimedia world, and our show must also evolve to continue to promote motion pictures to a global audience, which is our main mission since our inception 91 years ago. it's the same thing today … So, fasten your belt! We are committed to making a show that we will all be proud of. "

Academy would try to stimulate ratings was to introduce a category honoring the "popular" movies. The answer was very bad and the idea was put aside. At least for the moment. Even without this new category, Black Panther deserving of a Best Film nomination will certainly not hurt things.

The Academy also recently announced a second round of presenters, which includes several . ] Black Panther cast members. Javier Bardem, Angela Bassett, Chadwick Boseman, Emilia Clarke, Laura Dern, Samuel L. Jackson, Stephan James, Keegan-Michael Key, KiKi Layne, James McAvoy, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Momoa and Sarah Paulson will all be in attendance this year. They join the previously announced group of presenters, which includes Daniel Craig, Brie Larson and Awkwafina. All this star power will help, since the show will be unhosted for the first time in three decades. The 91st Annual Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 24th. This news had already been reported by the Hollywood Reporter.


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