Which X-Men Movies Are Dead Now That Disney Owns Fox?

Disney now officially owns the vast majority of media assets previously held by 21st Century Fox. This means that the rights of the characters of the X-Men and Fantastic Four belong to Disney and that they will ultimately return to those of Marvel, which also belongs to Disney. The future of franchises and these characters is more or less in the hands of Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige. Many projects underway at Fox before the merger died in the water.

Dark Phoenix to be released in theaters in June, and The New Mutants likely to be transferred to a streaming service such as Hulu, are the last two films related to Marvel that will be published in this version of the continuity, which dates back to the first film X-Men of 2000. Disney will undoubtedly press the reset button after publishing what has been inherited.

Other than that, it is likely that they will keep Ryan Reynolds continuing to watch new Deadpool movies, especially as his version of the character has been added to the official banner of the website. Disney this morning after the signing of the agreement. However, everything else will fall victim to the previously mentioned reset button. As a result, most of the other projects we have heard of are moving towards scrapping. Here are the films that were in development but never will be.

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D & # 39 first mounted, and perhaps more painfully for someone named Channing Tatum is Gambit . This one is in the works for a long time. Tutum wanted it essentially, considering his desire to play the favorite Cajun mutant of the fans, who throws cards. Tatum tried desperately to launch it, but the budget became a problem. In addition, Doug Liman ( Edge of Tomorrow ) and Gore Verbinski ( Pirates of the Caribbean ) followed one another. Unfortunately, Tatum will have to let this one pass.

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This it will probably be the most painful for anyone who loved Deadpool 2 . Josh Brolin's Cable, Zazie Beetz's Domino and Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson were to team up for a spin-off of 19459005 X-Force with Drew Goddard ( Bad Times at the El Royale ) set to lead. However, designer Rob Liefeld revealed some time ago on Twitter that this project was going to be a victim of the merger. It's almost impossible for Disney to succeed. Instead, we'll probably see something that looks like Deadpool 3.

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After the success of Logan who served as a farewell to Hugh Jackman for the character of Wolverine, director James Mangold revealed that 39; they were working on a scenario for X-23 spin-centered Laura on Dafne Keen. Few updates have been provided in time since. Once again, since we are going to establish a new continuity under Disney, this is another project that, while promising, is simply not going to see the light of day.

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<p> It is unlikely that anyone will cry Too Much This Loss James Franco had been engaged in 2017 to star in a spin-off of <em> X-Men </em> under the name of Jamie Madrox, better known as <em> Multiple Man </em> who can clone himself, as his name indicates, that Franco was to produce, from a script written by Allan Heinberg (<em> Wonder Woman </em>.) Again, we had few precious updates, but it had to be of the noted variety R. C & rsquo; is life. </p>
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