Why Chucky Creator Refused to Put His Name on the Child’s Play Remake

Don Mancini is not happy about remake of the game from the # Child this is currently done. In a new interview, the creator of the franchise explained how the remake could affect his livelihood and personally. Mancini is not alone. Many horror fans are in his corner and take offense at the studio and restart a franchise that has been running successfully for over 30 years. Mancini is developing a television series Child’s Play with his longtime partner, producer David Kirschner and actor Brad Dourif.

In addition to writing the original seven films of Child’s Play, Don Mancini also directed the last three installments. It was his hard work and dedication that kept Chucky’s murderous doll so long, while keeping his vision intact all the time. Now, the creator of the franchise explains what he thinks of the new redesign to come. He had this to say.

“MGM kept the rights to the first movie, so they restart it, they asked David Kirschner and me if we wanted to be executive producers, we said no thanks, because we have our flourishing business with Chucky, my feelings were hurt, you know, I just made two movies … sorry if I look defensive, they were 83% rotten tomatoes, I did not have any Theatrical releases, they were well regarded, and I created the character and nurtured the franchise for three decades. “

Clearly, Don Mancini is upset by the Child & # 39; s Play ] remake, and he has every right to be.He is the creator and he still manufactures original material, keeping the franchise alive and profitable.It is possible that the reboot has a negative impact on his new television series Child & # 39; s Play on which he currently works. Mancini explains.

“So when someone says,” Oh yes, we would like to have your name on the movie … it was hard not to feel as though I was being sponsored. They just wanted our approval. Which I have energetically refused them. I’m reluctant to say too much because I do not want to look too belly-sick, but the producers of this film are those of IT . would they feel there was a legal loophole that allowed David Kirschner and I to launch and make our own film IT with our own version of Pennywise and say: Hey guys we would like to put your names on I imagine that they would not like it. That’s what I feel. “

The remake of Child’s Play echoes the original story of Don Mancini and brings quite radical changes, including the original Chucky. To be possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, the new version of the doll will see its artificial intelligence altered, which will cause a malfunction.In closing, Mancini explained how much the remake could He had this to say about his personal ties to the franchise.

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“The people who make this film, they do not know how it will affect my livelihood. It’s not just a salary. It’s very personal. MGM is on record of that … potentially. “

For the moment, there is no release date set for the television series Child’s Play on which Don Mancini currently works, but a release date is scheduled for the remake.The remake will be released theatrically on June 20, 2019 and it will be very interesting to see if people accept it.Consumers of the franchise will more than likely expect that they will go out on Blu-ray, if they see it.You can check out the rest of the interview with Mancini at the Post Mortem podcast.


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