Why Dark Phoenix Left Out Wolverine, and It’s Not the Obvious Answer

No, Wolverine of Hugh Jackman will not make his return in the franchise X-Men to Dark Phoenix this weekend, let's settle this as soon as possible. But this is not just because the actor has clawed up after the release of Logan in 2017. As screenwriter / director Simon Kinberg explains it in a new interview , there was actually a wider and much more practical reason that Jackman's Wolverine was not included in what will ultimately be the latest entry in this version of the longstanding franchise. This is the first time that it does not appear in a film X-Men and it is at least mentioned in the first Deadpool .

Dark Phoenix much like the much-maligned X-Men: the last fight of 2006, will be an adaptation of the Phoenix saga drawn from the pages of Marvel Comics. It's one of the most beloved tales, not just in the history of the famous mutants, but in all Marvel Comics movies. Those who read it will probably remember that the story presents a love triangle between Jean Gray, Cyclops and Wolverine. This was explored in X-Men: The Last Fight, but that's what love triangle that probably prevented Wolverine's inclusion.

This film is set in the same scenario as X-Men: First Class, a film in which Hugh Jackman makes a brief appearance. While Logan bid farewell to the character, in the timeline of the (admittedly messy) franchise, Jackman's Wolverine could theoretically have appeared alongside Jean Turn's Jean Gray and the Cyclops' Tye Sheridan. Although it is the age of Turner, compared to that of Jackman, that made Simon Kinberg think. Here is what he had to say about it.

"If you know the history of Dark Phoenix you would really like to put Logan's love story in the service of John, and I think that the notion of Hugh Jackman, although he is looking for his age, and Sophie Turner, that did not suit me or anyone else! "

That Hugh Jackman l & # 39; Whether or not he was willing to appear is irrelevant. The actor repeatedly repeated that he was done with the character, but it is possible, as unlikely as it is, that he could have been influenced in one way or another. Another. But as Simon Kinberg, who made his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix Sophie Turner is 23 years old, while Jackman is 50 years old. This is a fairly large age gap and would have made things potentially messy. Keeping this in mind, it was best, in the mind of the filmmaker, to simplify this thread of the plot in particular and to eliminate Wolverine from the equation.

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Disney finalized its merger with Fox in March. This means that the X-Men will eventually be integrated into the Marvel film universe. With this, this film, for better or for worse, will be the last entry of the main franchise X-Men . The New Mutants is always ready to go out next year. But, to our knowledge, none of the main characters will appear. In this way, it is sad that Wolverine is not included because it is an integral part of this universe. Although his exclusion makes sense. Dark Phoenix is in theaters on June 7th. This news has already been reported by Rolling Stone.


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