Why Did the Pet Sematary Trailer Spoil One of Its Biggest Plot Twists?

Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch take Stephen King's scariest novel Pet Semarium ] our way next weekend. Until now, we've seen movie trailers and TV spots for the movie, but this fan has been left wondering why he's bothered to ruin the movie in these trailers. You know the turn I'm talking about at this point, the one where Ellie Creed is the one who meets her fate at the front of the infamous Orinoco truck instead of the little toddler Gage. So, how do filmmakers think the behind-the-scenes marketing team spoils this change?

The co-directors of Starry Eyes recently sat down to talk about it a bit, and we all left it. Know that even if they would not have revealed the slightest rebound if they had absolute power, they can now understand why Paramount decided to follow this path. Dennis Widmyer said this.

"Yes, we would not have done that, but we are not working in marketing, but I will say that, to their credit, we have tested the film in different cities. always with studio movies, and our score increased after the revelation of the trailer.I do not say it was because of that, we had obviously improved the film between the two, but I do not know it is something to say about people who already know what to expect and who are willing to do so rather than being caught off guard they? not interested in it. "

Widmyer continues.

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"I mean, people call it crooked." Oh! They ruined the spin! "I mean, we did not mess up the end of the third act of the movie and we have not done it yet, and they have not done it yet. "It's just an escalation." It's a revelator, so you really experience that moment of emotion and sadness by not thinking that you're seeing a moment of surprise and shock. "

Kölsch adds.

"When you watch the trailer for the original movie, I mean, it shows that Gage is coming back. So it's a plot of the film, calling it a twist or not wanting to reveal that we changed our child – which was our team at the beginning! were like: "Ah, let's keep this secret. It's going to hit them so hard in the movie. "But then you say to yourself," Well, then you can not really explain what the film is about in your trailer, "you know, what we've learned in Starry Eyes also because we did not want to reveal Starry Eyes in the end, what would be the fate of Alex.So, even our marketing team of this movie was saying: "Okay, so I do not really know what that the trailer is. It's a girl who is auditioning and people are weird. & # 39; Ok … "

Personally, I am waiting to see the finished film before making a judgment on how I feel about the change.After all, Gage got the hang of it. This was the case in King's original film and in the original film of director Mary Lambert in 1989, and I am a mega-fan of both versions. I guess we'll know it next weekend.

Directed by Kolsch and Widmyer and based on Stephen King's flagship horror novel Pet Sematary stars Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, Hugo and Lucas Lavoie, Throws Laurence, Obssa Ahmed, Alyssa Brooke Levine and John Lithgow.The remake was slapped with a R-rating via the MPAA for "horror violence" , bloody images and a bit of language "and it opens in theaters near you on April 5. This conversation reaches us via Collider.


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